Group buy for Lee 338MX dies until end of May

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    May 7, 2010
    At Marlin Owners, a group buy has been arranged for Lee dies for the 338MX. This group buy will be open for orders until the end of May, at which time the order will be sent to Lee.

    You can chose any or all of the following items depending on your needs:

    Pacesetter Two Die Set - Includes only the full length sizing die and bullet seat die.
    Collet Die Set - Includes only the collet die and dead length bullet seating die.
    Factory Crimp Die
    Case Length Gage - This gage joined with the Lee cutter trims cases.

    This buy will allow you to purchase the pace setter 2 die set without having to pay for the setup fee.

    Orders are being handled by Ranch Dog, a member of Marlin Owners, at his on-line store. Prices are the same as what Lee charges. He does add his credit card processing fee if you Chose to pay that way. Considering he is doing all this and not making any money, that is extremely fair.

    Link to order site
    TLC339-200-RF Lee Dies Group Buy

    If you already have dies from another company, but would like Lee's factory crimp die, this is a chance to get one w/o a set up fee, or supplying spent cases, new cases or bullets for Lee.
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