Group wants charges dropped in Logan case

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    Reply Group wants charges dropped in Logan case

    Excuse me but these people falsified documents to obtain ID that allows them access to restricted areas.Pretty much a no brainer that they should be prosecuted or at the very least, deported.

    Associated Press
    Thursday, July 4, 2002

    Immigrants' rights groups met with U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan yesterday to ask him to drop charges against 19 Logan International Airport workers who were arrested as part of a nationwide crackdown after security lapses Sept. 11.

    The workers were charged in February with lying to get their airport security badges by giving false Social Security numbers or false alien registration cards.

    Since then, a coalition of civil rights groups has been protesting the charges.

    Yesterday, 22 members of the coalition met with Sullivan for more than an hour during a private meeting in his office. Several people who attended the meeting said Sullivan made it clear he is not likely to drop the charges.

    ``He simply insisted that because these people have committed a crime, they should suffer some consequences,'' said Noah Cohen, a member of Boston Labor's Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (A.N.S.W.E.R.), a group formed after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

    Cohen said members of the group believe the government has been overly harsh in charging the workers and has made them scapegoats for security lapses that allowed terrorists to hijack planes from Boston, Washington, D.C., and Newark, N.J.

    ``It was part of that hysteria,'' Cohen said. ``The federal government has charged these people with putting false information on their employment applications, and they're facing the possibility of five to 10 years in federal prison, and almost certain deportation,'' Cohen said.

    The workers are not suspected of having ties to terrorists.

    Jean-Claude Cazeau, a Haitian immigrant who had a job cleaning airplanes at Logan, was one of those charged in the crackdown. He said he was fired after his arrest, and has been relying on donations from his church and friends to support his wife and four children.

    ``Immigrants are not terrorists or criminals,'' Cazeau said as he waited for members of the coalition to emerge from the meeting with Sullivan.

    Robert Krekorian, Sullivan's chief of staff, said the charges against the workers were justified.

    ``The policy of the United States Attorney's Office has been to charge (cases of) false documents and Social Security numbers as felonies, and that's been done historically in dozens, if not hundreds of cases over the years,'' he said.

    Twenty people were originally arrested in the sweep at Logan, but the charges were dropped against one of the workers. One worker pleaded guilty earlier this month to lying and using a false Social Security number to get a job at Logan.

    The workers were employed by private companies that provide services at the airport.

    The arrests were made at more than a dozen airports across the country as part of ``Operation Tarmac,'' a nationwide initiative to tighten security among airport workers with access to planes, ramps, runways and cargo areas.

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    Reply Re: Group wants charges dropped in Logan case
    Well hell, I'm in favor of dropping charges...

    I'd sure as hell drop every charge in the book on them
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    Reply Re: Group wants charges dropped in Logan case
    This is much like the phoney Dallas drug deals, using sheetrock powder as cocaine to bust people. Most all are illegal Mexican`s. After being released (Police) then INS re-captured them for deportation.....but wait!!! Their right`s were they should be set free again, to illegally roam the USA. Yep, equal rights for all......illegal or not. "Only in America." LTS

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    Re: Group wants charges dropped in Logan case
    ``He simply insisted that because these people have committed a crime, they should suffer some consequences,''

    Yep. That's the point.

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    Re: Group wants charges dropped in Logan case
    Stupid stuff like this really burns me up!!

    Come On, Wake up America before its too late!!!!

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