Guardia Civil Spanish Mauser - Cal. .308 Win

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    Just purchased a Guardia Civil Spanish Mauser - Cal. .308 Win from Samco.Has anyone bought one of these from them?I like the turned down bolt plus the nice grain in the stock.I thing I will mount a scope on this one to take deer hunting this year.It says it was convereted to 308,how was this done? Benny in NC

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    Re: Guardia Civil Spanish Mauser - Cal. .308 Win

    When Bob comes along he should be able to give you
    some good info on that rifle.
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    Good shooter, don't know how they converted but i like it!

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    These were originally 7mm Mausers that were rebarrelled to .308. Reportedly, the Spanish .308 round is a bit lower power than the NATO 7.62, but I have fired 100s of rounds of regular .308 through mine with no signs of strain or problems.

    The Spanish first came up with the transitional FR-7 and FR-8 rifles as trainers for the CETME rifle. In an effort for further standardization, they took their stocks of old M1916 Mausers in 7mm, and also rebarrelled those to .308 for issue to the Civil Guard troops, whereas the mainline army was issued the CETME.

    There are some nice examples of these available from SAMCO.
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    I also have a converted Spanish.It is an 1895 Chilean.The way this conversion was accomplished was to bore the original 7MM tube out to 7.62 then ream the chamber and install a 7.62 insert which is silver soldered in place.
    While many people swear by shooting .308 in these I personally will not shoot anything but 7.62 NATO in mine.
    The .308 is reported to develop half again as much pressure as the 7.62 NATO.
    The 1895 Chilean is a small ring Mauser but I believe any LARGE RING Mauser would handle repeated firing of .308.Of course this is all a matter of what each individual is comfortable with.
    I saw a website which supposedly illustrated the inheirent problem with these inserts.The hot gases from firing eat away at the silver solder holding the insert in place.I cannot remember the website but it showed a cross section of one of these after repeated firing and there was deterioration of the joint.
    The whole thing boils down to understanding how these were made into 7.62 and how comfortable one is with firing them knowing these facts.
    I plan to shoot mine for a long time as it is but will check every once in awhile for joint separation with a dental probe to see if I am developing a crack and it's extent.If I get where I am not comfortable with it I will have a .308 barrell fitted but continue to fire 7.62.Main reason for this is that the 1895 Chilean being as I said before a small ring Mauser has no gas escape in case of any type of failure.
    This post not intended to alarm anyone or forecast doom just to explain the mechanics of the conversion and it's ramifications.
    My Chilean is a joy to shoot and very accurate even if it is 100 years old.
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