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(12/31/02 12:56:33 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All guardia civil spanish mauser cal. .308 win.
Is it safe to shoot?anybody any info?

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(12/31/02 2:15:30 pm)
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Re: guardia civil spanish mauser cal. .308 win.
Welcome to TFF

I had one of those that the head space was bad on. You need to take it to a gunsmith and have it checked out.
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Bob In St Louis
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(12/31/02 4:24:11 pm)
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There is a lot of controversy on these as to whether they are really safe to shoot. The rifles were originally 7mm Mauser, redone to 7.62 CETME, which is the Spanish equivalnet to 7.62 NATO (308 Winchester) but it is loaded down to a lower pressure. As suggested, first of all make sure the gun headspaces correctly and is safe to shoot. Secondly, if you reload or know someone who does, you may wish to look into a lower pressure load to fire in this rifle.

I have one that I have fired 100s of rounds of regular Winchester 308 and NATO surplus rounds in with no problems before I heard about the lower pressure ammo it was designed for. Maybe I was lucky, or maybe these rifles can stand up to the regular loads: but in anycase, I load some lower pressure rounds now for this rifle.

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(2/20/03 12:17:13 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del Civil Guardia mauser converted to 7.62x39 scout rifle?
I inherited one of these rifles during the summer and has sat in my safe ever since. And I know the previous owner never fired it either because of all the cosmoline on the gun still. Every time I open the safe I keep picturing it as a scout rifle, but I can not decide on whether I should buy the Spanish m93 7.62x39 conversion kit advertised on Nurnrich or just purchase a chamber adapter. What does everybody think or has anyone done this conversion? Also I have kicked around the idea of purchasing a Shileen barrel in 35 Rem.

Bob In St Louis
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(2/20/03 1:20:37 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del Re: Civil Guardia mauser converted to 7.62x39 scout rifle?
Welcome to the forums Bpc73!

I have been reading with some interest the discussions in a few places on the 7.62 x 39 inserts and/or conversion kits. I have that on my list of things to look into, but I want to find more reports of folks that have had actual field experience with them. I am hesitant about chamber inserts due to their potential to foul and cause cartridge ejection problems (at least in some other insert systems I have seen). If you go that route, let us know how it works!
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