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    Gives a great overview of where we stand state by state and the effect on violent crime.
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    Thanks for posting that Running....I didnt know that about Vermont, AZ. and Alaska!

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    Nov 29, 2009
    Hopefully Walker and other Republicans get elected here in Wisconsin and they pass concealed carry and Castle Doctrine laws once and for all. We almost had them - I think a year ago - but Doyle vetoed it saying Wisconsin residents had better things to worry about. His veto was almost overridden, but it fell like one vote short I think. I wonder who they bought off to vote against overriding Doyle.

    I'd say Madison is a pretty safe city in comparison to like Milwaukee and Chicago. But we still have our share of violent crimes. A lot of them are home invasions downtown. Funny how there are no gun stores in the city of Madison. Once you get out of the city, there are a couple. Gander Mountain past the airport on the outskirts of town by some truckstops. And Ammo Box in Sun Prairie. I also read about people walking back home late at night that get robbed. Now if these people were legally authorized to carry concealed weapons, do you think there would be as many people getting robbed walking home? We CAN open carry here without special authorization or licensing. But in Madison and Milwaukee, it's better not to because you get harassed by the police if anybody freaks out over seeing a gun. Our AG J. B. Van Hollen has told the police to back off from open carriers, yet the police choose not to listen to their boss and instead choose to keep on harassing people for exercising their legal right. I wish that one Madison police chief, can't remember his name - but he's anti-gun as heck. I wish they would fire him. There was recently an incident at an east side Madison Culver's where open carriers got called in by some lady that freaked out. She was the one who should have been cited for disturbing the peace as her call was what caused the debacle, not the people exercising their legal rights to open carry a handgun. But nope. In liberal Wisconsin, you're a criminal for defending yourself.

    We also had a judge (can't remember where it was but it was in Wisconsin) who found the ban on concealed carry to be unconstitutional. Still, nothing has changed. It's still illegal for a private citizen to carry a concealed weapon.

    Oh - unless of course - you're one of the "special, privileged" off-duty police officers or you are a retired police officer in good standing with the department. I think that is total BS. Under the Fourteenth Amendment, you should be afforded the same rights as anybody else. Retired cop or not, people shouldn't have to feel like second class citizens.

    I bet there are many people who are out on the range just as often as an average police officer is on the range. When you take the CCW classes, don't they have cops there telling you when you're authorized to use force? My point is that aren't people taught the same laws regarding weapons as police are?

    So how can a retired cop or off duty cop be trusted more than a law abiding citizen?
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