Gun control means hitting your target!

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    Reply Gun control means hitting your target!

    Liberals are always saying, “ If we just outlawed guns there would be no more murders by gunshot”. WE ALL KNOW THAT’S A UTOPIC DREEM. Drugs are outlawed and people still sell and do drugs! As long as there’s a market, the outlawed Item will be available.
    Well, hears a good ole boys utopist ansure to an inner city problem:
    Every body screams and cries about all the innocent people killed each year by drive by shooters missing their targets. Lets not arrest gang members found toting weapons, let’s put them in a shooting program. Lets teach them proper gun handling techniques and shooting stances. A class in combat tactics would be a good idea to. Hell, lets subsidize their weapons perches and get them out of those .25 autos and into some real calibers. I think we could have a vocational class offered in high school. We could take some old warehouses and give them a place to go instead of the streets to shoot at each other. It could be a major sporting event, with a scoreboard and bleachers! How about televising it on PPV and even get some sponsors. Get that guy from boxing to announce. “In this corner we have two time winner and music artist…Plane Brown Rapper and in the other corner, a first timer to this arena and the stare of the WB sitcom Jimbookies Pales… Mookie Johnson”. “LETS JET READY TO RUMBLE!” “This fight was brought to you by Winchester Black Talon ammunition”. “Remer it’s not the bullet that kills, it’s a 3 inch hole in your chest that kills.”

    If this proposal to fix our inner city problems seems racist or ridiculously outrageous, just look at how the Liberals are handling the problem at hand. This view might be crazy, but no more crazy than believing the hype from the other side. OUT LAWING GUNS WILL STOP THE VIOLENCE, YA RIGHT! It would cut down on half the shootings, you know, the bad guy would be the only one shooting, instead of you shooting back. That’s OK, the hard working, law-abiding citizens aren’t voting for them anyways. HUMM… MABY THAT’S THE IDEA!

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    Reply Right On!
    Let em kill each other off!a radio station here offered a free casket and funeral to the victim of the 100th shooting last year in Cincinnati. Great idea but the liberals thought it "insitive" Hell I've even thought of being the Johnny appleseed of 9MM ammo--the way I figure it for every 11 cent 9MM bullet I leave on the streets over there I might get two hood for that 11 cents--the dead one and the one who did the shooting!But then again its just a dream.Rich let me prep you,you will be called a bigot,a black hater,a mean spirited person,a racist definately narrow minded
    and some people will use some very big words that they probably don't understand to attack what you said.But you got at least one guy who agrees with you wholeheartedly..Oh yeah I am also homophobic and damned proud of it....
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    Reply Re: Right On!
    I didn’t mean to be racist when I wrote this. My purpose was to show how ridiculous the failed liberal programs sound to people with a little common since. I was being VERY facetious when I made those comments.
    As far as being called a racist, I sent this little letter to a long time friend of mine who is a real minority, A BLACK CONSERVITIVE. The interesting thing is he says he’s not that rare, he knows allot of minority conservatives. The media doesn’t want to show you that! He also had a couple of things to add to my gripe:

    Affirmative action is a slap in the face for any minority who work hard and is reworded for a job well done. Every time he gets a promotion, he has to worry about people wondering if it was not his hard work being rewarded, but because he’s black (BY THE WAY, HE PREFERS THE DISCRIPTION OF BLACK OVER THE “PC” VERSISIONS).

    He reminded me of something we saw a couple years ago in Yosemite’s information center. There was a picture of a ranger with the honor of best Hispanic Ranger of the year (or something to that effect). Ken was furious! He said if he was being bestowed that honor he would refuse it! “Why cant he just be the best ranger? Do we have to make that honor easer for minorities?!?” THAT’S THE REAL PREDJUDOSE! Some how the liberals don’t see it that way.

    We were watching the LA riots on TV and Kens comments were, “ Why the hell are those idiots burning their own homes down? Why don’t they jump on the shame train (city transit) and go to the court hose?” He concluded that allot of the homes were probably subsidized and there for they didn’t have the same value as the prideful feeling of owning your own home.

    If you ask me, the liberals are doing their best to keep a distinct difference between the races. With programs like Affirmative action and welfare, they are saying that minorities are some how not as able as the rest of us, and that’s the true refection of a real bigot!