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    I have just read rhinoman's comment about gun controll in the state where he lives. Let me comment on gun controll in England, where i am from, and give you a few insights from a Cop's point of view.( I used to be a cop in England)!

    Firstly, and i know you will agree gun controll does not work! It is designed to take guns away from the criminal element. What a joke! Everyone knows that you can buy just about any type, make or caliber gun you want on the black market, and sorry Rosie O,donnel etc, they are not that hard to get! The largest caliber firearm you can legally own in England is a 22 caliber, and yes it will kill you just the same as a 50 caliber. In the town where i was a cop we arrested someone for having a .44 Desert Eagle in a pub, the guy was trying to sell it! Where did he get it? Iraq -spoils of war!

    If someone wanted a 12 gauge in England, i had to inspect the house run a background check and make sure the amunition was kept in a different room from the gun!

    All in all gun controll does not work!

    I would appreciate any thoughts on this from others.


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    Reply peoplz rebublik of kalifornia
    was talkin to my friendly local gun store. the pistols are FLYing off the shelves, btw.

    i will not be able to buy a frame in this state. there is an approved list of handguns to buy. once received, it must pass "the test". frames are not on that list.

    so... when i want a .45acp "on the cheap" i'll probably get the cz97. when i want a 1911 ... i'll look around and find a great one. probably used...

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    I would not even mention by name any individual anti-gunners. They are the true enemies of freedom. Can Bin Laden take away our freedom? NO, he cannot, but our celebrities, neighbors and elected officials can. The anti-gunners can. Many pro-gunners (and gun-rights organizations) refuse to say anything bad about the anti-gunners: "I'm sure [so and so's] intentions are good but...." Intentions are good! They [many anti-gunners] HAVE gun permits, they have security forces/bodyguards and they want to disarm us! How dare anyone suggest that the anti-gunners "mean well". I am not exaggerating when I make the above Bin Laden statement. Just think about it. Bin Laden can't vote! Anywhere. Certainly he cannot vote in America, nor can he hold elected office. Bin Laden cannot do anything to erode our freedom without the cooperation of our elected officials. It would seem that he already has that cooperation. The Homeland Security bill: 400 pages increasing government Power.Those who would and are expanding the power the government has on it's people, are the enemy. Our government is supposed to be accountable to us, not the opposite. They are responsible for 9/11. I'm not some liberal Wako trying to explain Bin Ladens motivation for murder. I'm just saying look at what we know we knew before 9/11. Look at the mistakes made in issuing visa's. Look at the visa's issued to the dead hijackers after they committed their horrific
    crimes. Who is to blame? The Homeland Security bill is about combining intelligence, arguably a good thing. It is also about spying on Americans, about all Americans being suspects, potential terrorist. Total number of US citizen-hijackers
    9/11=0.The anti-gunners have much in common with those who support the Homeland Security bill. In all fairness they
    signed the bill simply because they felt pressured to "do something" but that's exactly how anti-gun laws get passed after some psychopath uses a firearm to kill a bunch of people.
    The fight for freedom is not fought overseas in distant lands with guns, missles and bombs. It is fought here with words, pen and paper and I fear, we are loosing it.

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    Gun Control is what a Range Officer does...
    Gun Control is what a parent does...
    Gun Control is what I do...

    Gun Control is NOT intended for a government.

    Registration, yes. Control, no.

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    Thank you guys for your imput, some very good comments, Rinoman you have made some very good points indeed. MTaylor, i agree with you 100%. We are each responible for gun controll. I am a bit of an anomoly I suppose, I am from England, but am in the process of becoming a citizen of the U.S. so legally if not naturally i will be American. I have chosen this and, it was my choice to do it, and I know that is against some peoples belifes, and some people will never accept that I am ' American ' on paper if not by blood. But it was a choice, gun control is a choice, either own one or don't, its that easy. Lets not let a few miss informed people spoil it for the rest of us. I know i am new to gun ownership, but i am very sane, as are the people i have met on here, we are not all crazy fanatics who are looking for an excuse to shoot someone, but we are fanatical about our rights an freedoms. I hope i have not offended anyone by saying 'our' rights.


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    Roger, a great deal of people born in this country don't even understand what a privilege it is. They don't understand the constitution and how it is supposed to keep the power in the hands of the people. They are American by birth but they are an abomination. You have come here and worked to become a citizen. You are American. The constitution does not grant rights to Americans. It specifies rights all men are born with, inalienable rights. In this country no one is supposed to have the power to take those rights away. That's what the constitution was meant to do: make sure those rights where not eroded. We know of course that our rights are being eroded and we must fight back with all the power we can. Just sitting here at the computer speaking our minds is a start. Letter writing and political activism are other ways we can let our thoughts be known. We are unquestionably right there are no grey areas in the second amendment or other parts of the constitution. The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed upon. How much clearer could that be? Roger speak your mind as an American. In your heart you are obviously American. I hope your citizenship comes soon. I wish We could take all the immigrants like you and throw the others back! A heart like yours should be mandatory to become a citizen!
    The fight for freedom is not fought overseas in distant lands with guns, missles and bombs. It is fought here with words, pen and paper and I fear, we are loosing it.