Gun ownerships 'getting out of control' in NSW

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    The antio gun nazi's are swinging it again ..

    SOARING gun ownership in NSW is expected to soon exceed levels prior to the federal government's 1996 buy-back program. ( well seeing we are at 27% of those figures this is ridiculous)

    Figures obtained by The Sunday Telegraph show there are 188,885 people on the NSW Police Firearms Register, just short of the estimated 200,000 licence holders pre- the Port Arthur massacre, which triggered changes to gun laws.

    ( they forget to add farmers and rifle owners did not need licences then so add another 450,000 to those figures)

    NSW Greens described the increase as "alarming" and gun control groups warned that more and more firearms would end up on the black market.

    ( the greens are the pro gay pro islamists socialists )

    "The trend is all one-way in NSW; that is, more guns and more gun owners and that is a dangerous trend," NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge said. ( another gay communist loving pencil necked #### head )

    "There's a real concern where we are developing a gun culture here in NSW. A good part of the problem comes from the influence of the Shooters Party and the Gun Council here in NSW. We need this government to stand up to the gun lobby to restrict access, particularly to handguns, and ensure the current restrictions remain in place."

    Official figures reveal there has been an 11.3 per cent rise in individual licence holders since 2008, when registrations began to grow steadily following a small drop the previous year.

    After Martin Bryant killed 35 people when he opened fire on Port Arthur in Hobart on April 28, 1996, the federal government bought back more than 630,000 guns and imposed a new licensing scheme and firearms register.

    ( shoots their previous factoid to heck dont it )

    In 2001, when the first accurate figures of firearm licences were recorded by the registry, there were 180,663 licences in NSW. The numbers crept up to 186,296 the following year but dropped by 11.3 per cent in 2004 before climbing again.

    The majority of licence holders own registered firearms, with 82 per cent of all people with licences in NSW owning a legal gun. ( do they say 18% own illegal guns?? this is more green hype , try owning a illegal gun here , its 5 year , no if's no butts unless your a muslim)

    Mr Shoebridge said gun owners had gone from owning an average of three guns in 2001 to five in 2011.

    ( police figures say the average is 1.8 guns per licence statewide average as of april 2011)

    The chairwoman of the National Coalition for Gun Control, Samantha Lee, said it was a "simple equation" that the more lax firearms laws became, the more guns would end up on the street.

    "Our position has always been the more firearms in the community, the more likely they'll be stolen and end up on the black market," Ms Lee said.

    Regional postcodes had the most number of gun licenses, with Tamworth topping the list with 2963.

    ( 2963 guns in tamworth!!! its a major country town with a Population of 47,595 )

    Residents in Liverpool and Fairfield had the most number of gun licenses in Sydney.
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