Gun registration. Sad but true.

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    May 8, 2007
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    Gun Registration - Canadian Tax Dollars At Work

    [Canada's billion-dollar gun registry employs 1,800 bureaucrats, who spend their days tracking down duck hunters and farmers. By comparison, Canada hired only 130 additional customs officers to protect our borders after Sept.11, 2001. Here are a few more eye-rolling facts about the gun registry, mostly unearthed by MP Garry Breitkreuz from Saskatchewan…]

    Internal audits show that government bureaucrats have a 71% error rate in licensing gun owners and a 91% error rate in registering the guns themselves.

    The government admits it registered 718,414 guns without serial numbers. That means either the bureaucrats forgot to write them down, or the guns didn't have serial numbers in the first place. That's as useless as registering a vehicle simply as "a blue Ford Explorer."
    To these gun owners, the government has sent little stickers with made-up "serial numbers" on them, that gun owners are supposed to stick on their guns. And everybody at the gun registry is praying that criminals who steal those guns won't peel off the stickers.
    Some 222,911 guns were registered with the same make and serial number as other guns. That's not just useless - it's dangerous. If someone else with a "Blue Ford Explorer" is involved in a hit and run, you'll be the one getting a knock on the door by the RCMP.

    Out of 4,114,624 gun registration certificates, 3,235,647 had blank or missing entries - but the bureaucrats issued them anyways.

    In the beginning, the government's firearms licenses had photographs on them - just like driver's licenses do. But after hundreds of gun owners were sent licenses with someone else's photo on them, the government decided to scrap photos on the licenses altogether, rather than fix the problem.

    Private details about every gun owner in the country are put on one computer database, called CPIC. That's valuable information to a peeping Tom - or a criminal. The CPIC computer has been breached 221 times since the mid-1990s, according to the RCMP.

    In August of 2002, the gun registry sent a letter to Hulbert Orser, demanding he register his guns, and warning him that it's a crime not to. Orser died in 1981.

    Garth Rizzuto is not dead, but he's getting older - he applied for a gun licence 21/2 years ago. He hasn't been rejected. They're still "processing" his application.

    Some 304,375 people were allowed to register guns even though they didn't have a licence permitting them to own a gun.

    On March 1, 2002, bureaucrats registered Richard Buckley's soldering "gun" - that's right, a "heat gun" used for soldering tin and lead. No word yet on Buckley's staple guns or glue guns.

    Some 15,381 gun owners were licensed with no indication of having taken the gun safety courses - one of the main arguments for licensing.

    The government spent $29 million on advertising for the gun registry - including $4.5 million to Group-Action, the Liberal ad firm now under RCMP investigation.

    But all of these follies are trivial compared to the central, unanswerable flaw in the gun registry: Since only law-abiding gun owners will register their guns, how can the registry stop criminals?

    Maybe there is a better way?
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    Sounds like the Canadian Govt is competing w/ the US Govt for ineptitude...:( :(

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    Mar 4, 2007
    If we had their system here in the US, I am confident that our government could screw it up faster and more completely, and do it in a much more high-handed and mean spirited manner.
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    What is REALLY sad is that we all see the stupidity, futility, and the specific and general assaults on our basic God-Given Freedoms....

    But to any LIBERAL out there reading this, the thought they would have is: "So what's the problem?:confused: "

    To a Liberal, this is "Gun Laws working as planned.":mad:

    BESIDES leading to their goal incrimentally taking away ALL privately owned guns, they do NOT want to "stop crime committed with guns" any more than they want to "end poverty," "give universal Health Care to all," "Stop illegal immigration" or ANYTHING else....even enforcing the laws already on the books....

    If they ever SOLVED anything, it would remove it as a campaign issue, and take away their REAL goal, passing even MORE draconian laws, taking away MORE of our Freedoms, making Government even LARGER and more Bureaucratic, until they have ALL our income signed over to them and "they" decide how much of a "government monthly check" each of us will get to "live on..."

    TRUST ME, when a LIBERAL ever starts to agree, and publicly points out the flaws you pointed out above, BEND OVER:cool: are about to see an even STIFFER law proposed, because "that one obviously wasn't strong enought.":mad: So More and Tougher laws are obviously needed.
  5. KING64

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    May 11, 2007
    Washington State
    The general theory and efforts by the radical gun control crowd is really not gun control but people control. But, isn't that generally the liberal goal in most, if not all, of their agenda?

    I spent thirty years in law enforcement and find it laughable (if it were not so serious and tragic) that those who propose their gun control agendas do so with such disingenuous clap-trap. I also find it disheartning when I see high ranking police officials, mostly from large metropolitan areas, fall in step with the politicians who call for gun control. The uninformed public then accepts these "LEO's turned politicians" views and comments as valid because they believe they are informed and in the know by virtue of their law enforcement experience. I'm sure most of you who are not LEO's have heard that the majority of rank and file police officers are not anti-gun, they are anti-gun crime.

    If there is anything that would turn this retired veteran police officer into a criminal it would be a mandatory gun registration law.

    (Stepping down from soapbox now)
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