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    I'm no thermal dynamics expert so a couple of questions arise. These are just common sense questions.
    What do you put in your gun safe and why?
    At what point will heat destroy the contents or cause heat damage.

    My gun collection is probably worth $5,000.
    My coin collection is probably worth $3000 to $6000.
    My wifes jewelry in another $15,000 to $25,000.
    My precious metal is near $5000.
    Then there is paper, cash, house deed, will, bearer bonds and US Savings bonds.

    So I buy a $500.00 safe to stuff these valuables in. I gotta be nuts, I'm getting a safe deposit box at a big bank. I never really added up the value of my stuff.

    Fire rated times. How hot does it get inside a safe in a burning building, other than the grips melting, springs losing their temper, ammo exploding, soft metal melting (lead melts at around 700), paper turns to ash (this includes cash, bonds and stock certificates, plastic melts. How much heat can an electronic lock take before it malfunctions)

    Gun safes are impressive, ugly grey metal boxes. They will keep the honest people honest, a serious baddy will wrap a chain around the safe and yank it out of the house through the wall. Have you ever seen a house after a professional burglar has made trip through it. They ain't neat.

    My suggestion, keep excellent photographic and paper records of your possessions and have really good home owners insurance.

    Photo of Safari 14, bolted through the floor and reinforced with steel plate. It will keep kids away from the contents. And cause a little discouragement to anyone with a crow bar and a hand truck.

    Suggestions, get a safe with external hinges, internal hinges restrict door opening. Check for internal electrical supply for lights and humidity tube. Check for holes for mounting to floor and wall. How wide does the door open. Does the shelf height match you gun barrel length. Is there a cut out for long barrels? Are there provisions for scope mounted rifles? AR rifles are bulky, especially with high count clips and scopes; they take a lot more room than a single shot .22.

    If you like guns, Last word of advice, buy a bigger safe than you need.

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