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    May 17, 2004
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    I missed a number of gun shows so decided come h*** or high water I would get to the one last weekend, and I did. I procrastinated all Saturday for some reason, but got up early Sunday and drove over there (it's 5 minutes from me.)

    Not quite as many tables as they have ever had but the Glock armorer was back, so I got him to check over my G30. I had been having trouble with the mag coming loose in the holster. He found a large ball of fuzz lodged in the gap where the mag release button sits, removed it, and returned the thing to 100%. Then I had him install a NY trigger to give me a crisp let-off. The gun already had a 3.5 lb disconnector installed, so the NY trigger upped the pull to a total of 5.5, but it feels no heavier to me and certainly is much more predictable. I like it.

    I found a slightly used Cold Steel Voyager folding knife and snapped it up. I've been wanting one and it came along at the right moment. It has the previous generation handle, but that's okay. It's well balanced, sharp as can be, and flips open, once you get it started, with one hand. It will last me a good long time.

    I also picked up a few A&G grip extenders for my G30, before I have even gotten the G21 hi-caps I plan to acquire. Glock is still behind on G20/21 mag production, but sooner or later I will find a way to get 3 of 'em and start carrying those instead of the current 10s.

    I bought a few NRA pins and decals, and a t-shirt with the Second Amendment printed on it with an American flag, for when I need to advertise my politics... Sad that the Second needs this kind of pushing while nobody needs to wear t-shirts promoting the First Amendment in order to remind folks what the Bill of Rights guarantees...

    I was looking for a Century G3 -- there were none. I did see some nice bargains, but I was trying to stay focused. There was only one Garand on view, but there were things like a scoped Rem 700 for $400, and some interesting vintage .22s. I should have made a second pass and looked harder at some of those .22s, no doubt. But after 2 hours I had to leave to attend a late Christmas party with family.

    This was my week to find myself a tac/prac .308 shooter and I had settled on the HK type. Today I finally placed my order through a local transfer dealer with Century directly. They still have CETMEs with stainless steel receivers. So I'm getting one of those because they are generally believed to be the best of the Century CETME/G3 crop -- once broken in, with the proper mags, CETMEs with the stainless cast receivers become good, reliable shooters with low recoil (because of the angle of the block, not because of the comp) that can be counted on even after they are muddied up. I requested one without a comp if they have it, because of the noise factor, but we will see. Anyway, my research has settled me on the matter of owning a parts gun and I decided to go for it before they dry up. I should have the rifle in under 10 days max, so it's too late to talk me out of a Century. I can't afford a SAR-8 right now anyway, or a PTR for that matter. This will be under $400 all in.
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    Amazing what a little ball of fuzz will do. ;)

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