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  1. sprky777

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    Dec 6, 2012
    Oh yeah, and BID auctions to win BIDS.

    All the last most recent bid auctions for Bids, 14 of them, totaled 3765 bids placed to win 3600 bids. But, worst case the winner was bidding against only one other person so only half the bids were from the winner leaving a total winning cost of $1354 dollars counting buying the bids, paying the win cost and the service charge of $2.50 per win. That puts the won value over cost at $2448 value in bids for $1354 cost. a net gain of $1094 in bid value of course. That net gain in bids could be used against other auction items to offset high final bid prices.

    I guess the best theoretical strategy would be to bid hard on all BID auctions then use your banked bids to win one desirable item to offset your costs.
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    Feb 7, 2011

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