Gunshot Demographics

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    Article here

    Some info from the article:
    The Racial Component
    of Crime Shootings Is Real​

    Another news organization, overwhelmed with dead people from criminal violence, broke ranks with the standard "news" narative and identified the real problem (along with the failed war-on-some-drugs federal jobs program) -- blacks killing other blacks -- and a breakdown in the family unit leading children into role-model-free amoral behavior:

    Growing audacity among city gunmen
    The News Journal (Wilmington, DE)
    September 20, 2009
    Byline: Adam Taylor & Ira Porter

    Contact Ira Porter at 324 2890 or
    Contact Adam Taylor at 324 2787 or

    These numbers were provided by the Delaware Criminal Justice
    Council, a government law enforcement planning and funding group.
    The council said it is seeing the same trends developing in 2009
    that are revealed in the 2008 numbers, the most recent available.

    140: Number of people shot
    Sunday: Day of week when most shootings took place
    12 to 1 a.m.: Hour when most shootings took place

    91%: Male
    80%: Black
    23.5%: Were 18 21 years old (the largest age group)
    53%: Would not cooperate with police to find who shot them
    78%: Have criminal histories
    65%: Have been arrested at least twice on drug charges
    37%: Have been arrested for felony weapons charges
    17%: Qualify as "career criminals"
    44%: Are suspected to be "actively involved" in drug trade
    80%: Whose first arrest came as a juvenile

    97%: Minority males
    91%: Black males
    48%: Were 18 21 years old (the largest age group)
    92%: Have criminal histories
    57%: Have been arrested at least twice on drug charges
    81%: Have been arrested for weapons charges
    43%: Qualify as "career criminals"
    65%: Are suspected of being "actively involved" in drug trade
    89%: Whose first arrest came as a juvenile
    92%: Cases where victim and suspect were black
    31%: Shooting cases cleared by the Wilmington Police Department

    So what do you guys think??
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    Looks like profiling. However, if the shoe fits...

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    The reason I carry a pistol! I really don't think that this is news though. We all know that these numbers only prove what we already know.
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    Aug 25, 2009
    Figures don't lie.
    Liars figure.

    Interesting post.
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