Guy in Ballard,open carrying

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  1. Jerryboy

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    Mar 8, 2012
    i almost always carry in an inside the belt holster(but outside my t-shirt or else it chafes), with a polo or other shirt or coat over it. i usually only OC when it's too hot out for a polo shirt or jacket or when i'm doing hard work and don't want to mess up my polo shirt.

    i think when deciding whether or not to OC you should take into consideration your surroundings and where you are. gun show in guntown, TX? duh, how are people supposed to admire your piece if they can't see it? New York City? bad idea.

    if you're in a rural area where alot of people carry then by all means do so. but in most of the country i advise concealed carry. if you're sitting in an IHOP in a city where few if any people even own a firearm, sitting there stuffing your face with pancakes, and some badguy walks in and seeing your OC'ed handgun, walks up behind you, and pops a round into the back of your skull, BAM, now the only person in the place who could've stopped the mass shooting is lying there with his brains mingling with Aunt Jemima.

    so, OC? CC? whatever floats your boat, just be smart about it.

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    I have open carried, and I did not like the attention I got. I carry concealed now, and get no attention, or respect! :eek: If I wanted to rob a bank, where I know there is an armed guard, the first thing I would do is make sure the guard would not be a factor! Same applies to any other situation where I was going to rob the joint! I am all for Open Carry in all States. It's just not my choice to open carry, even if I could. Here in TX the law has made that choice for us, no open carry. In Louisiana, open carry is legal, but don't try it! The standing rule is that even though it's legal, if the LEO's get the call about a man with a gun, then you will get arrested for disturbing the peace!
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