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    I have a H and R Arms Company Young American Double Action .22 Rim Fire Pistol that used to belong to my Grandfather. I was looking for any information on its age and value. The picture of the same pistol on the Wikipedia page for H&R Arms shows the exact model that I have only mine is in better condition. This includes the same design on the grips. The Serial number is 126066 and is stamped on the butt of the gun and also under the left hand grip. The number is also scratched on both halves of the grip on the underside. Thank you for any help you may offer.
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    I can't add much more than what Bill Goforth wrote in the posting cited by rhmc24. With respect to YOUR item:
    2nd Model SMALL frame manufactured basically without change from 1905 to c. 1941. It was made to handle black powder, semi-smokeless or smokeless loads in the .22 SHORT or LONG cartridges, no high speed, high velocity or hyper velocity rounds should be used in this gun. From the serial number (126K range, apparently starting with 01 in 1905) and the fact that over a million pieces were produced, the production year of your piece can be extrapolated to around 1910.
    Standard issue for the small frame 2nd Model: 2", Nickel plated, 7 shot .22rf with molded black, hard rubber grip panels. Options are: 4.5" or 6" barrel, blued finish (worth premium), grip panels of Mother-of-pearl, checkered walnut and rarely Ivory.
    The serial numbers were scratched into the back of the rubber grip panels as they were hand fitted to the gun during initial assembly and therefore used to keep them together with the gun after final polishing, finishing and assembly.
    Values at current RETAIL: 100%/NIB $235; 90% $150; 80% $125; 60% $25-50.
    If yours is in better condition than the Wiki pic - it probably is better than 90% so figure around $180 max. at RETAIL. Recently, most likely in response to economic conditions, the prices on the more common H&R pieces have been sliding downward, although they were on the rise for the previous 10 years.
    Here's a pic of a later production piece with a blue finish:

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