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I have a H&R .32 revolver, six shot, (was collecting dust the last 40y) top break, free wheeling, serial #39684. No history how the gun was used, but it was used.
No markings on side of barrel like cal. Top of barrel, stamped Company name, address and 5 patents in two rows. Barrel and cylinder seem to be in very good shape. Auto eject had to be fixed. Shot 7 rounds (one didn't fire) using short R .32, right on target. I searched a number of publication on H&R revolvers, but still have qustions, maybe someone can help.I think the gun is pre 1905 since there are no cal. designation on barrel? Here are my questions:
1. when was this gun made?
2. how safe is this gun(free wheeling barrel)?
3. is this a black powder gun and how safe is it to use R .32 short amunition?
Thank You GW
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