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does anyone have a clue to what this is? it does not fit other what is it posts.
i am thinking a top break second model large frame police with spurless or quick draw has 6 shot cylinder, which s&w long fits with clearance. received it from my dad. he had 8 rounds for it in s&w long. no caliber markings on barrel, so by this forum, this is black powder only. the serial number is 16XX the serial number is marked under the left grip on the lower strap. also under the top strap. the last 3 of the serial number is on the cylinder and auto ejector. has the 3 1/4" barrel. not sure why the trigger is nickle.maybe swapped out at a later date?

i am looking for what model it is, what year it was made. the exact caliber( short or long). and any other history that can be found.

h and r barrel top.jpg
h and r left side.jpg
h and r right side.jpg
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