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    Apr 4, 2011
    I am new to this site . I have a H&R 922 with a 6 inch octogon barrel and a seriel # on the inside of the grip 120441 no letters . has a wooden checkered 2 piece grip(worn). the front site is gold or brass in color
    I have owned this gun since 1972 and fired it less than 20 time but it still functions good
    When I started looking for the age I found the posts of Bill Goforth (sorry for everybody's loss) who seemed very knowledgeable on the H&R line.
    This is one of his posts but the #s do not go as low as 120441

    Does anyone have more info on this 922


    9 shot cylinder capacity, pull pin cylinder release, blue finish, 6 inch octagon barrel, two piece over size walnut grips saw handle shaped, marked with company name and address on top of barrel, right side of barrel H&R 922 and caliber on left side of barrel.
    First Variation 1927-1930 serial number range 125270*-144000*(estimate)
    Second Variation 1931 DIFFERENCE: new grip shape (saw handle shape eliminated) serial number range 144000*-160000 (estimate)
    Third Variation 1932-1937 DIFFERENCE: new safety cylinder, serial number range 160000*-171000*(estimate)
    Fourth Variation 1938-1939 DIFFERENCE; new grip frame and round barrel, serial number range 171000*-192000*(estimate)
    Fifth Variation 1940- 1947 DIFFERENCE; same as 4th variation except letter code prefix to serial number A thru H
    Sixth Variation 1948-1949 DIFFERENCE; a new barrel length, serial number letter codes I and J
    Seventh Variation 1949-1952 DIFFERENCE; all-in-one cartridge extraction system, serial number letter codes J thru M
    Eight Variation 1952 models for M922 Camper and M922 Bantam weight (see post 1953 models)
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    Welcome to the forum.
    With what you have copied from Bill G's posting above, you have the majority of the information currently known concerning this Model (922).
    During the course of our research - we were only able to "view" either directly or from pictures, therefore the sampling is/was rather limited. At the time Bill wrote the above description, about 2003-04, he listed the KNOWN (at that time) serial number ranges.
    Not surprisingly, new models, new variations and NEW INFO on serial numbers is almost constantly arising, especially on venues such as this forum.
    The fact that your piece has s/n 120441, extends the serial number range for the 1st Variation downward by nearly 5000 digits. Because of this on going, evolving "discovery" process, Bill eliminated the s/n ranges for many of the Models, in his book. Instead, he notes specific serial numbers (many from my collection) that have the specified features for that Model and Variation.
    Your 1st Mod. 1st Variation should look like the top example in the attached pic. AND - yes the front sights on this series was gold plated. Some examples are seen with gold filling extant in the barrel stamping.

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    Nov 1, 2016
    Thank you very much great information. I recently received an H&R 922 s/n 123724 from my dad. All information I found didn't go below 125270. It makes sense that new s/n ranges are being discovered. Hopefully I can add to the ongoing discovery. Mine looks like the on the top in the picture, with all markings as described for that variation. And I can assume mine was made some time between 1927-1930. Maybe closer to 1927.
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    Mr Hauff passed away 10/12/12.