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I have an old Harrington and Richardson Arms Co .32 revolver, serial number 313338. The number inside the grip is the same - no letter prefix. All metal is blued, the rifled barrel is just short of 3", the chamber has stops, and the spent cartridges are ejected when the pistol is broken open far enough. The grip has a target on it. On the side, it is stamped "32 CAL. S. 7 W. CTGE." On the top, it's stamped, "Harrington and Richardson Arms Co, Worcester, MASS U.S.A." There are no patent numbers marked on top as some others have noted. It looks exactly like this:

This piece was given to my father by his father, who said that he had never fired it since getting it from HIS father in the early forties. My father kept it in a shoe box all those years, and when I took it to the gun shop for an opinion on whether it could be fired, they were amazed at how well-preserved it was. I have fired at least 100 rounds through it with no issues.

My question is what model is this really, and in what year range was it manufactured? I know it's hard to pin down, but based on some posts I have seen, I think it might have been made between 1899 and 1903. Can anyone confirm this? I'm not sure because the posts I saw all made reference to powder cartridges only, and this one is clearly stamped with the caliber. Any background on this family gun would be greatly appreciated.



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Wfrick, welcome to the forum.

Our resident expert on these old handguns passed on last year.

However, he left a wealth of information in the various postings.

Do a "search" for 'goforth' as in Bill Goforth and you will find many postings on these revolvers.

Here is one link to get you started:

Good luck on finding information that will answer your questions.
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