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Had this for sale forever and a day... Then I got something crazy... Wheelgun cartridges for the thing.... These are the most pathetic powerless bullets I have ever laid eyes on, much less shot. Then I had an epiphany - I fell in love with the gun and am going to keep it. It's kinda like a Shittyzu doggy - a face so ugly only its mother could love it... IDK, but I'm keepin er.

I a Harrington & Richardson (H&R) Breaktop .32 black powder cartridge revolver. Estimated date of manufacture 1896.

All Serial numbers are matching. One is located on the bottom of the weapon. One is located at the BreakTop hasp. The last three digits are located on the cylinder and the ejector. The weapon is in above average condition and fully functional. It is estimated to be worth around $200.00 USD, but I am asking for $150.00 USD + All shipping costs (which will be provided before payment is requested). Happy people are better to be around, so if you change your mind - (prior to payment and exchange) that is fine. I believe the price to be both fair and low enough to hopefully ensure a quick sale.

Although the weapon is from the 1800s and may not require paperwork. Whatever the local firearms dealer is asking for in terms of paperwork will obviously be nonnegotiable.

I am kind of new here and I would rather do this in person, face to face, but unless you live near 20601, it probably won’t happen that way. Regardless of how – either face to face or otherwise – the weapon will go through the dealer. This is not a question of anyone’s integrity – this is simply a matter of ensuring I have not sold a weapon with an unfavorable history. Moreover, I am not going to be the person putting guns on the streets in the hands of people who shouldn’t have them. Please understand this…

While this weapon may chamber standard .32 rounds – look through the posts on this board for reasons why you wouldn’t want to do this.

- 12,000 CUP for blackpowder
- 15000 CUP (lowball) for smokeless powder.
- The weapon was just not designed to fire this ammo. I was told that in December when I found the weapon in my attic, and am simply passing the information to ensure a safe sale.

I tried to post enough images to accurately represent the weapon; however, let me know if there is a particular image / view and I will find a way to make that happen.

Updated as of 02 July 2020. BLUF, I got tired of looking at such a shiny peice of metal and feeling a wee bit discouraged about not pushin some led through the sled - so to speak. So I searched up a little bit and found a place in Oklahoma that rhymes with steeds, meeds, meads, needs, or leads (great guys by the way), and purchased a box of them .32 S&W Shortys. All excited - I opened up the freshly arrived package, pulled one out, slid that shiny brass into the cylinder, and said, "Oh shit!" as it passed straight though, fell out, and hit my foot on the floor.

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I called the guys at my new favorite ammo store, should I ever need to get specialty ammo, sent them some pictures, gave them my card number, waited for a box of the .38 S&W shorts to arrive. Opened the box and said, "Damm this seems like Deja Vu," grabbed a round, slide it into the cylinder, and said, "Oh shit!" once again? Then I realized that the ejector was forward because the H&R was split open and all was good - so it was on... For being one of of the lowest powered rounds out there at 146 grains, it split a pressure treated 2x6 in half when the broad side was hit, despite the board not being well supported. New house gun - thank you very much. but still for sale with 1x box of .38 - 49 rounds of S&W (Lead Round Nose) LRN Shorty 146 grains and 1 box of .32 - 50 rounds of 77 grain (Lead Round Nose) LRN S&W Short. Ohh la la - whata bargain!

ADMINS: I have read the rules, but if I made a mistake - please do not delete my account; let me know and it will not happen again. This is my first post like this.

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