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    Mar 21, 2009

    I have to replace the firing pin spring on an H&R .38 S&W Topbreak revolver. In order to replace said spring, the Firing Pin Retainer Plug needs to come out.

    This is the later (?) model that uses a pined plug to retain the firing pin, not a "screwed-in" nut.

    Guess pinning this part vs tap & die made the firearm cheaper to manufacture.

    After much (patient) work, some PB Blaster & time, I was finally able to tap out the pin that holds ("pins") the plug onto the frame.

    The problem now is that the plug does not "just fall out", which I really did not expect... but in fact working at it with an Exacto blade, paper clips etc. does not seem to have moved or budged it at all.

    Once again, I've applied some PB Blaster and I'm letting it sit in hopes of softening whatever rust or gunk might be holding it in.

    Anyone here ever removed one of these plugs?

    If so, have you any suggestions "tips", etc. that might come in handy in order to remove this plug?

    thanks - marco

    Edited to to add:

    If need be I can take the revolver action apart (have done this a few times on these - no big deal) and get at the firing pin from behind... thought I might be able to somehow "tap" on the firing pin from behind to try to force/push the plug out... would this work?

    thanks again.
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    Mar 21, 2009
    Well... got the plug out.

    Turns out it was a VERY easy thing to do to do once the pinned Hammer Slot Cover was removed.

    (of course, the action had been disassembled and the hammer removed)

    ... anyway, turns out that from behind, a 1/8" pin punch fits right into the firing pin hole... a light tap and the firing pin and FP plug came right out.

    Now gotta find a small enough coiled spring - Numrich seems to be out of their part # 1113210 - Firing Pin Spring for the NEW MODEL LARGE FRAME HAMMERLESS revolver.

    Maybe I could use part # 269170 - Firing Pin Spring for the NEW MODEL SMALL FRAME HAMMERLESS revolver - they really should be the same.

    Anybody know?

    Anyway, a spring out of a ball point pen is too wide to fit in the plug... might be able to wrap it tighter and "narrow it down enough.

    Any suggestions? - thanks
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