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    Hi doc. I own a .38 H&R breaktop nickle plated 5 shot revolver. Question is...how come the cylinder's on these guns don't lock up when not hammer cocked? The cylinder can be turned by your fingers by rolling it clockwise.

    This seems to be the case of all these H&R revolvers of this vintage, they don't lock up until you cock the hammer back.

    Another thing that is distressing is the fact that the cylinder seem to be bored all the way through. This is dangerous as a careless person could seat a .38 special crtg. into the bored through chamber.

    The gun is not a bad shooter at 25 yards, can get a few in the black if I'm careful.

    Is there any kind of fix to make the cylinder stop rotating when not hammer cocked.


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    Re: AntiqueDr...H&R .38 breaktop question
    No sir. Nature of the beast.

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    I'm willing to trade the beast for what have you've got that equates to $100 in value...to all who read this.