H&R Hunter revolver parts diagram needed

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    May 1, 2009
    Hello - I am looking for an expolded parts diagram/schematic or other picture that shows the inside parts and how they fit together on an H&R arms co Hunter model double action revolver. It is a .22cal 7shot with a 10 inch barrel. My dad recently gave me one that is in need of repair. I am thinking that there are parts that are missing/broken. I know there is little $$ value to this gun - more personal value if I can get it fixed. I have worked on most of my own guns over the years and if I can get the diagram - I think I will have a good shot at fixing this one. Will be a great project for me and my oldest daughter to work on. If any one can help with the diagram/schematic I would appretiate it. Thanks.
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    Dec 30, 2003
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    the exploded drawing you are looking for does not exist as the H&R Hunter is a variation of another model. the small frame hunters (7 shots) are based on the model 1906 H&R small frame double action. this model use double action mechanism that are simular to the H&R young american double action series of revolvers and the H&R parts catalogs more or less list them all together. look at the numrich arms online catalog under any of these models and you may find something that will help.

    22 RIMFIRE REVOLVER ----------------------------------------1926-1929
    7 shot cylinder capacity, pull pin cylinder release, blue finish only, 10 inch octagon barrel only, two piece oversize walnut grips Marked “H&R HUNTER” on the top strap. Some with the “HUNTER” marking were assembled late in production (after 1930) with short 2 ½ inch barrel and the small two piece Target Logo hard rubber grips
    VALUE: 100%=$475 60%=$225