H&R model 360 Ultra 243 caliber----rare?

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  1. 243 woman

    243 woman New Member

    Oct 29, 2004
    I have an H&R Model 360 Ultra semi auto in a 243 caliber. I also own two 308's in the same model. When I purchased this rifle, I noted several differences from my other rifles in the same model. It has a side drop clip, a lock back bolt button, and the clip is different also. Every clip link has told me the same clip should fit all three rifles! Any parts ordered for this rifle model will not fit. I have talked to many people trying to figure out why this rifle is different and every person except one has told me that they should be the same, and parts ordered for the Ultra 362 should be the same. One dealer in New York stated that this rifle may be rare, one that only a few were made of, and therefore the problem, such as not being able to find an extra clip for it! Does anyone know how I can find out anything about this rifle, and it's value or where to get it appraised? The serial number is different than any I have seen, also, and possible, although hard to read. The rifle is beautiful, and in excellant condition. I know there are H&R collectors out there that have to know something about this rifle. I am looking to sell it in the future, but have no idea where to start. Help!
  2. ibtrukn

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    May 13, 2001
    central N.J.
    Hiya missy 243, welcome an hang around, it aint a bad place no matter wot sume deese otha dudes say!! To the Q
    Made 1965-78, blue book values, 100%-$395, 98% 350,
    Krause--Excell-$350, vg$300 an so on. IF U have the target version (hevy barrel rollover cheekpiece etc add about 20% down the line
    Do not no if clips interchange, never saw 1 of these
    Good luck :cool:

  3. CountryGunsmith

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    Jan 29, 2003
    Deep Piney Woods of East Texas
    Well, I have had a couple of H&R Ultra's, and they did not match up with the rifle you have.

    Can you forward (by private-message if you wish) ALL markings on the rifle, including the serial number? I have a private resource on H&R that may be of assistance.
  4. ihgirl

    ihgirl New Member

    May 24, 2010
    I need a clip for mine any one know where to get one Thanks
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