H&R Plastic Main Spring Heads

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    Mar 14, 2009
    Below is a copy of an earlier post that I made confirming that the plastic H&R Sportsman main spring heads can be replaced with metal ones. I changed the heading on this posting to insure others could find the info more easily.

    I received the Numrich mainspring (MS) with metal head to replace my broken plastic head on my Sportsman 999. It works like a charm (but since I'm not a gunsmith, it did take some time to figure out how to replace).

    At first I tried to insert the new assembly without taking the small flat "disposable" retention plate (RP) off that was holding the new spring in place (thinking that the RP was supposed to remain when reassembled). After much frustration, the following is what I did which may not be the correct way but was fairly easy and gun works great:

    1. Drilled a 1/4 " deep hole but not completely thru a block of wood (matching diameter of hole in wood with the width of metal head so it would fit snug)
    2. Inserted new MS assembly into hole in wood, placing metal head down into hole so it was stable when working with the new spring during entire process (everyone knows what can happen with springs)
    3. Locked the small, flat, "disposable" spring retention plate holding new assembly together into vice grip pliers
    4. Took apart new MS assembly, removing RP by pressing down on RP until I could remove wire pin with a crimped aerosol spray straw (gave me an extension to handle the tiny wire pin when removing and replacing)
    5. Threw away the RP and locked old larger MS guide seat into vice grips (plate with hole which is flat on one side and curved on other side and holds spring in place when reassembled)
    6. Reassembled the new MS assembly, placing old MS guide seat over the new guide and spring (make sure MS seat is positioned so curved side will be the contact point for MS assembly to rest against bottom of grip frame to allow smooth slight rotation)
    7. With guide seat in vice grips, compressed new spring enough to reinsert wire pin (actually I used my old spring because the new one seemed really thick and stiff)
    8. Removed MS assembly from wood block to prepare for reassembling gun
    9. Inserted new assembly into revolver (refer to Numrich diagram for correct head position)
    10. Used small slotted screw driver to pry gently, forcing the guide seat spring retention plate (which is now holding the MS in place) back into bottom of grip
    11. Removed wire pin that held guide seat against compressed spring (if pin does not fall out on its own during step #8)
    12. Enjoyed shooting a piece of history