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I inherited a H&R Premier 22 rim fire revolver. It is a 7 shot, a 5 inch barrel, nickel plated, with hammer and a wooden grip. I don't think its been cleaned in years. It has rust in places. It has written on it: HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON ARMS COMPANY
on the top of the barrel and on the left side of the barrel: PREMIER 22 RIM FIRE.
On the cylinder it has written a number: 663. On the inside of the top, when you remove the cylinder, is written: 164776. I don't see any other nu,mbers. I believe it has whats called a top lever break. I don't know if it ever had a permit. I'm in CA. Anyone who knew about has passed away. When I found it, it was in the closet of my mother's house, it was fully loaded. I think it works, but like I said, it needs to be cleaned. I've done a little research. What is it and what might it be worth? Thanks.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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