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    Aug 7, 2010
    Hello, We currently have a H&R Sportsman Double Action Revolver. We believe it to be made in 1940 because of the serial number being A16596. What we have a question about is the cylinder. We have done research and see that the 199 has a 9 shot cylinder and the 999 has a 7. Well ours is a 9. Was the double action Sportsman made with a 9 shot cylinder?

    Thank you.
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    Apr 6, 2008
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    Welcome to TFF! Your 999 Sportsman only came with a 9 shot cylinder, as did all 999's and 199's. The only other variation was one year (1979) the 999 Automatic Ejecting was offered in a 6-shot 32 S&W long. I think I'm correct!
    Old Gun Guy

  3. b.goforth

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    Dec 30, 2003
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    the model 999 was offered in a 7 shot 22WRF model for a while, see information below.

    LARGE FRAME TOP BREAK . -----------------------1932-1952
    Large frame double action top break revolver; Caliber 22 rimfire (short, long & long rifle) cylinder capacity 9 rounds, 22 Winchester Rim Fire (WRF) cylinder capacity 7 rounds; Safety rim cylinder; blue finish only; barrel length 6 inches (ribbed); Automatic cylinder stop; Sights: rear adjustable for windage only, Three different front sights used, full Blade, Partridge type & Partridge type pinned to barrel top rib, all non-adjustable; Finger rest trigger guard; One piece oversized checkered Walnut grips (birds head grip frame shape, Rice frame); frame mounted firing pin, hammer face is flat. Cylinder release is long pivoting lever on right side of frame (there are two different version of this). Serial numbered in its own series from 01 up to at least 89761 by the end of 1939. Starting in 1940 letter codes were used. Early production until about 1933 the letter code ā€œDā€ was used to denote double action
    First Variation; round heavy weight ribbed barrel with Blade non-adjustable front sight -------1932- to before April 18,1933
    Second Variation; adjustable front sight ---1933 (after 4-18-1933)-
    Third Variation; firing pin moved to hammer --------------------1934
    Fourth Variation; three inch barrel was offered ------------1935
    Fifth Variation; two patent dates marked on cylinder (before there was only one) -----1936 (after 3-17)-1937
    Sixth Variation; top of barrel markings moved to right side of barrel ------1937-1939
    Seventh Variation; 22 WFR caliber dropped, 3 inch barrel dropped ------1940-1941
    Eight Variation; one piece over size plastic grips are standard, limited production during WWII years--1942-1952
    VALUE: $425 $195 Add 15% premium for 1st Variation; 20% for 22WRF caliber; 30% for 3ā€ barrel (scarce)

    the A letter code was used in the year 1940.

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  4. Jim Hauff

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    Apr 20, 2008
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    If your Sportsman is chambered for the .22 WRF (Winchester RIM FIRE - not - MAGNUM Rim Fire) - it will be so marked on the right side of the barrel nearest to the cylinder and also - the cylinder face will be stamped with WRF.
    If it is chambered for this round - it is very very rare - I have seen hundreds of Sportsman pieces but have never come across one. We know they were made based upon Bill's research - but any examples have not yet surfaced in my sphere. I do have two H&R 22 SPECIALS chambered for that round. Let us know what you have.
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