H&R Top Break Paperweight?

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    Hello all. A friend recently bought this gun for around 80 bucks I think and I am servicing it. We expect $80 is likely a fair market value but realy all we know of it at this point is what we see. I would like to return it with a bit more detail such as age, value, amo type and of course how many brave men have fallen in it's bloody path of distruction, hardy har.
    Here's what I can see; the barrel is 4" with name, address and patents across the bridge of the barrel reading; Harrington & Richardson Arms Company Worcester Mass. USA Pat. Oct.4.87, May 14 & Aug. 6.89, April 2.95, April 7 1896.
    Serial number under the top strap reads E95095 and again on the handle under the left grip minus the letter code. No other markings that I can find. Appears to be a 38 and the included pictures will best tell the rest. Thanks for any help on this.

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    this is a H&R Auto-Ejecting Second Model 5th variation. serial number E 95095 was manufactured in 1900.

    (BLACK POWDER) ---------------------------------1890-1904
    New frame shape and new hard rubber grip panels with Target Logo, Auto-ejecting mechanism, Calibers 32 S&W, 6 shot cylinder capacity, 38 S&W caliber 5 shot cylinder capacity, nickel finish (blue optional), barrel lengths of 2½ (rare), 3¼ (standard), 4, 5 & 6 inches available, “IF THERE IS NO CALIBER MARKING ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE BARREL THEN IT WAS MANUFACTURED FOR BLACK POWDER”
    Top of barrel markings include company name and address and patent dates.
    First Variation; one patent date OCT-4-87 only ---------1890-1892
    Second Variation one patent date marked OCT-4-1887 (year marked in full) ----1890-1892*
    Third Variation three patent dates, Oct-4-1887, May 14 & Aug-6-89 ----1893-Only*
    Fourth Variation three patent dates Oct-4-87, May-14 & Aug-6-89 (note 87 date des not have full year markings)--------1894-1896*
    Fifth Variation five patent dates Oct-4-87, May 14 & Aug-6-89, April-2-95, April-7-96--------------------------1897-1904*
    *Serial numbers found on the bottom side of the top strap will have letter codes with them.
    VALUE 100&=$225 60&=$85 For all Auto-Ejecting 2nd Models; add 75% premium for 2½” barrel; add 25% for 4”, 5” & 6” barrels; add 15% for blue finish; add 10% for 1st , 2nd, 3rd & 4th variations with nickel trigger guard on nickel finish pieces

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