Hacker group Anonymous fails in attempt to 'erase' NYSE from the internet

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    THE New York Stock Exchange withstood an attack Monday by hacker group Anonymous, with its website appearing to have been only briefly affected.
    NYSE.com appeared to slow down and perhaps go offline briefly between 3:35pm and 3:37pm (local time), media reports said, but there was no interruption to trading on the stock exchange and the public website immediately returned to normal.
    Anonymous had warned earlier that its attack would come at 3:30pm on October 10.
    The exchange's online security boss E.J. Hilbert told Bloomberg the attempt was "like four nine-pound weaklings running into a Sumo wrestler."
    "If you don't have enough people behind an event like this, it's just a spike in traffic as far as NYSE is concerned," he said.
    Anonymous had boasted that it would "erase" the stock exchange from the internet, The Wall Street Journal reported.
    Web tracking site AlertSite measured a definite increase in response times, CNN reported, but NYSE spokesman Rich Adamonis said, "We detected no service outage on our corporate website at that time."
    Anonymous has previously launched successful attacks on Mastercard and Visa's websites. Its members had feuded on Twitter about the planned NYSE attack, with some claiming it could bring bad press to the Occupy Wall Street protests.

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/breaking-new...et/story-e6frfku0-1226164093135#ixzz1aSHHAye4

    now if, they had taken a good look at NYSE.com they'd have noticed something

    the main page is based not on a hard drive , but a multi drive CD rom

    you cant hack a CD.. you can DOS ( denial of service attack) it but even then its not a good attack

    if this was anonymous then i'm sadly disappointed in them for missing this

    but then again socialists always forget the basics

    like we need air to breath , food to eat and you cant tax what God gives you to support those who wont work

    as for bad press , they all look like putz's before they started ( to me anyway )
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