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I decided to shoot RFPI for a while in Steel Challenge. I was shooting my Volquartsen Black Mamba but for fun I switched over to my S&W 617 to relax, have fun and see what I can do with a revolver against the autos. ( They have nothing to be afraid of )

I shot last months SC with the 617 and didn't fare too well but I did enjoy myself. I go a lot of comments from the other shooters ( all in fun ) and it showed me I needed to work on it. I started practicing with just the revolver for the past month, did a trigger job so that it would work with any ammo I chose and dug out my DS-10 speed loaders for it.

Today I outdid myself shooting 40 seconds faster than last month. I really like shooting revolvers. I put a new rear sight on the gun and it really helped me see the front sight. On my few misses I could tell that I lost concentration and didn't see the sight on the target ( This gives me something to work on for the next few weeks ).

When I go back to my Auto I think this will help me.
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