Hair Trigger Problem Hawken - Help

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  1. MiniMax

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    Oct 1, 2009
    Anyone got any idea on this problem.

    The hair trigger on my hawker st louis sets and allows the front trigger to pull but the hammer don't drop unless I pull back much further and I hear a second click and the hammer drops.

    The hammer will drop if it is not set but requires some pounds per square inch to do it. I have adjusted the screws every which way it certainly sets the hair nicely but doesnt allow the hammer to drop.

    Is it the lock ? Pulled it out all seems well nothing broken. sear bar has some minor rubbing where the trigger mech has pushed up on to it but it does seem very tight if I push it by hand to test the hammer drop.

    Cock it, set hair, pull trigger (nothing) pull back further meet a good deal of resistance, hammer drops.

    Cock it, dont set the hair, lots of pressure but hammer will drop.

    Trigger held in Hammer moves freely through half to full and off.

    I just can't work it out ???????:eek:
  2. jjmitchell60

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    May 10, 2004
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    Sounds like the set screws are not set correctly. I know you said you adjusted them but take the trigger out and adjut them to see if that works. If not then a sear problem IMHO. I had the same with my 32 cal flinter but it was just a matter of getting the screws set right and then lock tighting them in place so as no movement when I shot the rifle.

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