Half-Way home with the Pole!

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    :) :) :)Well it worked!

    Last night I took a round rasp to the forearm and got the darn thing COMPLETELY freefloated with no question. I am a little disappointed with the ATI stock, it has WAY too much flex, and was definitely warped, the more I took off the one side that was touching the more the OTHER side moved away from the barrel! But I FINALLY got enough off to get it away. I left in two shims under the lug, and one under the tang so it wasn't quite so "rocked back "in the stock. I finally got a strip of paper to slide freely all the way from the action to the end of the forearm around the barrel.

    Today, I resighted in at 25, using the Polish surplus, got my one hole groups dead on rather quicky...(Think I could qualify as a Polish Sniper? At 25 yds me and my Nagant are DEADLY!!! :p Might have to get better at the "stalking" part though... :cool: )

    But as an aside, When I was working on my rifle this week, I had pulled the scope mount several times on and off the Weaver style ATI mount with the "quick release" knobs on my bases that they say you can reinstall with no loss of zero, and from where I was at LAST week, my first group this week at 25 was only like less than 2" low and 1" to the left, and since I had putzed with the adjustments at 100 and never reshot at 25 it might just be true! I've never done that before. (You have to remove the scope to get to the rear tang action screw with this mount.)

    Took it then to 100 and the first group wasjust a little over 3", nice and round, centered about 2 " low from my aiming point. MUCH better than last week!

    Then I cranked in the elevation, and shot a SIMILAR group with one flyer, but only about 2" high, but about 3 inches LEFT. Got a little scared, checked the mount, but then cranked in the windage and fired my best group of the day! 4 of five shots into a little less than 1 3/4", with the "flyer' making it a 3" group, just about 1" low and a little to the left.

    This is when I figured the scope out, I MUST have it a little canted, either the scope OR the mount, so when I give it elevation it also moves LEFT, and when I go right, it also moves a little DOWN. For the rest of the afternoon, that was the norm, so at least it's consistant. For the record the ATI cantilever mount works just fine. About 300 rounds so far and still tight as a drum.

    I never shot a BETTER group than that, but consistantly got 2-3" with the Polish, and when I ran out of Polish, (I only took 100 round with me) I got consistant groups usually just a little larger with the Russian surplus, just not to the same point of aim, actually a couple of inches high and RIGHT. The best Russian group was all 5 into 2 1/2".

    But interestingly I then fired a 5 shot group with the Albanian that I was using with the Russian Scout most of the time, and shot about a 6 or 7 inch "group" if you can call it that, most of it OFF PAPER high right! I switched back to the Russian and got a 3 1/2 " group right where it was printing them before, so it DEFINITELY was the ammo!

    (Anybody want to buy about a hundred rounds of Albanian cheap??? :p )

    I will have to give the Scout a little stock work too now, and try it again with the Polish stuff too!

    Anyway, I might NOT even chop the bore back. In fact, my NEXT project just may be to build a good sturdy adjustable wooden shooting rest that fits the Nagant properly. The state range I'm using provides "homemade" wooden rests that you have to get elevation with sandbags, that are none too steady, and kind of "generic" so the rifle never sets up in exactly the same way between shots, plus the wobble doesn't help the groups.

    Anybody have any plans for building one? I know I've seen them before. Oh well, I'm good at designing stuff like that, and I have a bunch of scrap wood laying around.

    Anyway, I am a HELLUVA lot happier coming home from the range today than last week. It was nice getting compliments on the way the rifle looks AND on the targets from the guys shooting next to me when we went down! They also mentioned the "shock waves" and the flame it was putting out when I fired it is what got their attention! :D :D (kind of rainy and dark at the range, so it was noticeable)

    The Pole got an extra coat of oil after it got cleaned today! ;) :D

    I BETCHA I can get 2" consistant groups at 100 with the Polish Surplus out of it, BEFORE I start working up the handloads! Maybe if I woulda made it to church this morning I WOULDA got them today, you think? :cool:

    The only compliant I got with the Polish surplus stuff is I had about 3 no fires today, that fired on the second hit. They must have some STIFF primers in them! The Russian and the Albanian went off without a bobble. (At least the ALBANIAN crap goes Boom...although sometimes BoomPhhhht! :mad: )

    And you know, it didn't even hurt that much when I grabbed that HOT barrel once by mistake and burned the crap out of my left hand! And after about 150 rounds with just a T-shirt, the shoulder doesn't feel bad at all either! :D :D :D :p
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    Sounds like a good day I'm jealous:)

  3. It's a great feeling when the rifle finally works, isn't it Polish? All those hours of work pay off, it seems, in a matter of a few seconds when the rounds group where you aimed them! Congrats. :D
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