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I'm brand new here on the forum.

I was hoping to learn some more information about my drilling, mainly, when it was made, maybe who the inspector was? Any and all information is greatly appreciated!!

Here is a link to the album of pictures:
I am but a mere amateur collector, but I would estimate it has 75% of the original finish. Nothing has been replaced, not even a single screw.

The dealer mentioned something about a "James Purdey seat" or something that has to do with the chamber when it is exposed (open). Can someone tell me if this is true and the details, or if it is a load of BS?

I will post a picture on the butt of the gun, which has a release button to open and store four 9.3x72r rifle cartridges.

Anyway, an appraisal and estimated date of manufacture would make my day!

Thank you all in advance!

EDIT: it is in excellent firing condition. I've shot both 16ga barrels and the rifle several times. The rifle is still deadly accurate!
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