Hammer attack on white man; Journalist admits censoring race of suspects

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    On Monday evening, March 26th, two black males attacked a fifty year old white man just a few miles from where Trayvon Martin was shot. Police say he was initially attacked while sitting in the driver seat of his car. He was then drug out of his car and into a wooded area. The perpetrators then beat him in the head with a hammer and left him for dead. They fled in the victims car, but abandoned the vehicle a short distance away. The family believes the victim was on his way home from work and stopped at a store before being attacked right outside the Sanford city lines.


    Yahaziel Israel, left. He is a suspect in the Sanford area hammer attack.

    Photo credit: Yahaziel Israel Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/people/Yahaziel-Israel/100002527845163?sk=photos

    The Orlando Sentinel wrote about the attack and asked for people to call the police tip line. They published a description of the attackers from an eyewitness, but censored the race of the attackers from the description. They also censored the race of the victim, even though his race was listed in the police report. On April 2nd the Orlando Sentinel reported that the two suspects had been arrested. The paper published their mug shots, but once again censored the race of the victim

    The Orlando Sentinel writer who wrote both articles says that the race of the victim was known to him but censored in the two articles on purpose. He cited the newspapers policy. He says that the paper "generally does not publish race unless there is a reason." The papers' website shows 396 Trayvon Martin articles. Race appears to be a major theme in most, if not all of them. Many of them mention race in the headline. To date, the Orlando Sentinel has never published the fact that the victim of the hammer attack was white.

    I managed to get in contact with a family member of the victim. They do not want his name given out, as they still fear for his safety. His injuries are severe and he is still in critical condition and now has pneumonia. 75% of his skull was damaged in the attack. The victim also has a broken arm, a broken hand, and a broken jaw. His family and friends ask that you please pray for his recovery.

    The family commends the Sanford police for quickly finding and arrested the suspects. However, they say the Sanford police are very reluctant to treat it as a hate crime.​

    At the same time the gruesome hammer attack took place, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the New Black Panther Party were all holding events in the area. This may have played a direct role in the near fatal attack. Tensions and fears of a riot were extremely high in Sanford that night.

    I have also linked one of the suspects to Florida's notorious Nation of Yahweh cult. Suspect Yahaziel Israel, 19, just got done serving a seventeen month prison sentence before the attack. His Hebrew name suggests that he is part of a "Black Hebrew" cult. It turns out that Israel has a Facebook page. On it, he identifies his father's Facebook page. His father has posting on Facebook promoting the Nation of Yahweh cult, the most notorious of all "Black Hebrew" groups. His father has an English name, but a girl identified by Yahaziel as his sister also has a Hebrew name. This suggests that Yahaziel was raised in the Black Power cult.

    This is the Black Power religious cult founded by Yahweh Ben Yahweh, whos members have committed at least fourteen murders and two attempted murders. The founder, Yahweh Ben Yahweh served eleven years in prison for his involvement in the murders.

    The group has an ideology similar to the Nation of Islam. Both believe that Sub-Saharan Africans are Gods' chosen people. Both believe that American blacks are special even among the black race. Both believe an apocalyptic race war is coming. It is probably fair to compare the Nation of Yahweh to the Nation of Islam splinter group, the Black Angels of Death. The Black Angels of Death were the perpetrators of the San Fransisco Bay area Zebra Killings. Both are believed to have carried out the murder of random white people as an initiation into the higher levels of the group.

    ​The situation all around Orlando is tense and many fear large scale race riots. Many are accusing the Orlando Sentinel of being at the forefront of stirring up hatred. On March 31st, the Sentinel recruited Tim Owen to say that software he developed proved Zimmerman was not the one screaming on the witnesses' 911 call. The article implied that Trayvon must be the one screaming instead.

    The staff of the Orlando Sentinel had already known, since March 16th, that Trayvon Martin's father confirmed to police that the voice was not his son. The Sentinel's claim that Owen is "a leading expert in the field of forensic voice identification," has also been debunked. I believe that the paper perpetrated an intentional hoax, and should apologize like NBC apologized for their 911 tape hoax story.

    I believe that the media began hyping Trayvon as a way to galvanize blacks so that they would turn out in large numbers for Obama's re-election. However, they have now created a very serious problem.

    Take for example, the popular Miami based rapper Zeoja Jean. He recently recorded a song called "All Black in my Hoodie." He released the song online. It is a high quality production, recorded at a professional studio, from someone who actually performs to large audiences. In the song he calls for race war instead of protests. He calls for burning down Zimmermans' house and killing his "racist ass children."

    Youtube has deleted the song due to complaints, but the performer just reposts it. He also posted a video defending the song. In this video he calls for George Zimmerman to be gang raped. Zoeja Jean is proof that the outrageously one-sided hyping of the Trayvon Martin story has very serious negative consequences.
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    I don't think they understand what can happen if they get what they seemingly want, events like that can take on a direction un thought of at first.

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    remember Kosovo ?

    muslim uprising , they slaughter thousands then the serbs fought back

    maybe they went too far , but milosovich did say

    they tried to wipe us out , we knew it was us or them , we made it them

    the UN call him a criminal , remember he ended up fighting 3 nations islamist and the UN .. no i say he did wrong , but why .. only those who where there will ever really know

    Not one of the islamists who started the uprising or who we have facts about their killings have been tried , they kill almost 80,000 in the first few days ...
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    This is all the news you never hear...
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    Black on white crime, normal everyday occurrence, not news worthy. Black on black crime, no notice taken. White on black crime, get Al Sharpton, scream racism. Criminals and victims come in all sizes and colors. The media selects the ones that fit their adgenda.
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    Just how are the good citizens going to supply the police with information, if they don't know what they're looking for? BS

    Because of the aquifer, New Orleans has to bury their dead above ground.

    After the race war, bodies will also have to be buried above ground, due to lack of space in cemeteries. After it's all said and done, I believe the self-created slums, and crack houses will be turned to ash.

    I don't have enough experience with ash to know what can be done with it. But jobs will be created and that's what counts.
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