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    That Pesky Merchant Seaman is Back! (Hamrick v. Pres. Bush)

    From: "Don Hamrick" <ki5ss@yahoo.com

    That Pesky Merchant Seaman is Back! (Hamrick v. Pres. Bush)

    I completed a voyage aboard a dredge from Jacksonville, Florida to
    Astoria, Oregon via the Panama Canal. I'm back in Norfolk, Virginia with a
    month wages.

    Paying the Supreme Court filing fee tomorrow. Buying a new laptop
    tomorrow. Preparing Supplemental Brief if all goes well.

    Were can I get of list of Second Amendment cases denied by the U.S.
    Supreme Court?

    Were can I get of list of Second Amendment cases denied by federal
    district courts and U.S. courts of appeals?

    Someone mentioned www.constitution.org but forgot the page URL.

    If I can show that the U.S. District Court/DC in denying my case with
    prejudice with all my motions, and the U.S. Court of Appeals/DC dismissing
    my case, affirming the lower court, and denying all my motions in the
    appeals court amounts to a denial of my First Amendment right to petition
    the government for redress of greivances and denying my right to due
    process (granting me only procedural process, deny me my right to
    substantial due process) I might have a better standing with my
    Supplemental Brief.

    If the U.S. Supreme Court denies my Petition for Writ of Certiorari then I
    will file a complaint with Justice Department for judicial bias and maybe
    corruption against the Second Amendment.

    I am going after the "Three Monkey Judicial System" if I can.

    I intend to do what the NRA refuses to do. I am not intimidated by the
    probability of losing my Second Amendment case for "National Open Carry
    Handgun." I will take my lose as Evidence in a new case challenging the
    fitness of the judges involved in my case. It will be my attempt to turn a
    defeat into a victory.
    "A Legal Offensive."

    The argument must be made that there is an existing judicial void where
    the judicial limit falls short of the constitutional limit - i.e., a
    judicial predilection to avoid Second Amendment issues (National Open
    Carry Handgun) where the federal judicial system has the sworn duty to
    take those case but refuse to do so and applies the "with prejudice" so
    that those cases do not reinter the system.

    I'm fighting mad! Why isn't the NRA on this matter?
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