handicap van for sale

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    Mar 24, 2003
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    Hi David,

    I thought someone on the list might be interested in this info:

    One of our local banks has a van they had to repossess. I had went
    in to pay off a loan (yaaaaa) and they mentioned it to me because
    of my husband. He is not, as of yet, in the need for this type of
    vehicle, so I told them I'd pass on the info to others. I have not seen
    it as yet because they were having it cleaned inside and out, so I can't
    attest to it's condition. I know this kind of stuff is so expensive and I
    only wanted to pass it on in the hopes someone might be able to get
    a good deal.

    I will post the info they gave me and their phone # below in case anyone's

    Thanks for all you do,

    Reba Wagner
    Dunlap, TN

    1996 Dodge Ram Van
    110,000 miles
    Wheelchair Lift and also Driver's Controls, etc.

    They told me that $8,500 was left owed on it but that they would take
    less than the loan balance.

    Ask for: Monte McBee
    Citizens Tri-County Bank in Dunlap, TN

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