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    Reply Hans Blix
    Today Hans Blix arrived in Baghdad.......any guesses how long it will be until he and his troop of UN inspectors find anything?

    Then what do you believe will happen next?


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    He seems a very mild-mannered man---can it be under that Brooks Brothers suit that his undershirt has a big "S" across the front and the rest of the gear he wears under his britches, looks remarkedly like that uniform of THE MAN OF STEEL!!! I kind of look on this scenerio as Sudam Hussien (sp) being the Master Chess Player and these country bumpkins show up---they have vowed to play by the rules for it is their nature to do so being the bumpkins they are, and the old Chess Master has too much at stake to let them win. A potato farmer by the name of Georgie Porgie suspects the game is rigged so he's packin' iron---his Daddy always told him not to bring a knife to a gun-fight---Georgie recalls the old Chess Crook as having this long, wicked looking knife he weilds around for the cameras. Yup, Georgie has a big old hawlaig Colt hidden there in his farmers britches---if the old Chess Master makes one ill-chosen play, Geogie has vowed to put a big 50 calibre slug right t'wixt his horns---then invite Sonny Boy who prints the daily newspaper to sit in for Daddy Dear. Yeah, that saounds like a damn good game plan---oh, did I mention the the "S" man is referring (umpiring) this whole 'Chinese Fire Drill'!!!! Wilborn

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    what makes you think that

    01. he will find anything
    02. he WANTS to find anything
    03. They will let him find anything

    and so on


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    Re: Hans Blix
    #1. I think that whatever is there, has already been too well

    #2. They will be stopped at some point and asked/told to
    leave as before.

    #3. They will find a few well and purposely placed token
    items as a smoke screen hoping to satisfy us, at which
    time even more anti-America propaganda will be spread
    as if we are the liers and bad guys.

    That is some of what I think may happen!

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    Reply Re: Hans Blix

    don't think

    -1. they will find much......it has been hid securely enough, they knew we would be back eventually.

    -2. he wants to find anything, look back at his last inspection track record.

    -3. he will come up empty handed, like JD stated "token". If he doesn't we could be left standing alone, holding the empty war bag.

    I hope the above does not happen, Saddam has the goods - all we have to do is relieve him of them with him on top of the pile.

    Those are a few of my thoughts - Hope