Harrington & Richardson old Ser. Number

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  1. M1Smitty

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    May 19, 2009
    I have an H&R that I haven't seen anyone else describe or value. Mine is a .38S&W with manual ejector. The name on the top of the barrel is Harrington & Richardson, Worcester, Mass. U.S.A. The serial is stamped under the grip panel 49XX. There is no other marking. Condition is very good except for a missing pin in front of the cylinder. Not sure of the pin's function.

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  2. b.goforth

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    Dec 30, 2003
    houston, tx
    see the information below.

    Manual ejecting rod under barrel, Calibers 32 S&W, 6 shot cylinder capacity, 38 S&W caliber 5 shot cylinder capacity, hard rubber grip panels with Floral design, nickel finish, marked on top of barrel with company name and address only, 3¼ inch barrel length, Modified American Double Action mechanism and frame
    VALUE: 100%=$525 60%=$185


  3. ezrdr2390

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    Jan 19, 2014
    I have a Harrington Richardson pistol with number 614 on the cylinder and 289614 on the barrel. Can someone tell me what it is and value, thank you
  4. gdmoody

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    Sep 7, 2007
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    You probably need to start a new thread, not tack it on to a five year old one. PLUS you need to read this:

    Please describe the item in as much detail as possible.

    Detail does not mean "in good shape" ,describe how the wood is, how much blueing (% of original finish left) there is etc., and anything else you see that may be helpful.

    Tell us all marking, words, and letters anywhere on the gun.

    PICTURES are required. Clear, sharp pictures....full length, both left and right sides, as well as closeups of any unusual features, engraving, etc.
    Here's How: http://www.thefirearmsforum.com/showthread.php?t=19430


    If you have an old gun and the markings on it are E over LG then the gun was made in Belgium.

    You may try doing a SEARCH and find your gun value. If not, START A NEW THREAD instead of bringing up an old post that has already been answered. THE OLD POST MAY BE IGNORED..

    Our entire range of staff, are more than happy to assist you, as well as many of our membership in general, in order to try and answer your questions.
    This forum is for firearms values only. Anything else will be deleted.

    All members are invited to participate.

    Just remember, we are trying to help YOU. The more info you give us, the more accurate the value will be. And don't forget a couple of PICTURES.
    Our experts work hard to give you an accurate value on your firearm so give them the info they need.

    Also, we are not an air rifle forum. These posts will be deleted.
    No offers to buy or sell in this forum. We have a Buy/Sell/Trade Forum for that.

    Any attempt to buy or sell on this forum will result in your suspension from TFF.

    If your post is removed it's because the guidelines were not followed.
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    Dec 2, 2012
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    Serial numbers mean virtually nothing on pre-1940 H&R guns.

    We will need pictures to ID the gun first. We will need the caliber and how many cartridges it holds. Then we will need an exact translation of the roll stamp word for word, exactly as it is stamped.
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