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Harrington & Richardson Top Break Hammerless Revolver

I have found an old top break hammerless revolver, which belonged to my late father.

On the ridge along the top of the 3" barrel is the phrase "HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON ARMS COMPANY" [first line] and "WORCESTER, MASS. U.S.A. PAT OCT. 8 1895" [second line].

Along the left side of the barrel is the phrase "32S&W.CTGE."

What I assume is the the Serial Number (on the bottom of the grip blade; and on the left side, under the hard rubber grip) is "255948".

The number "948" is also stamped on the rear of the 5 chamber cylinder; and was scratched/engraved on the inside of both grips, in the same hand.

Under the the rear area of the top break blade is the same Serial Number, preceded by a capital "H".

The frame and grips appear in good shape; the plating has only a few minor scrapes; and the trigger and guard are blued.

Can anyone provide the vintage of the piece; and any comments on likely worth?

Many thanks.

Scott MV
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