Harry was right about taxes I guess

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    I guess if you don't want to you don't have to pay taxes.

    Federal workers owe billions in unpaid taxes

    Mark Segraves, WTOP Radio

    September 15, 2008

    WASHINGTON - From the U.S. Postal Service to the Executive Office of the President, thousands of federal workers have not paid their 2007 federal income taxes.

    The Internal Revenue Service is trying to collect billions of dollars in unpaid taxes from nearly half a million federal employees. According to IRS records, 171,549 current federal workers did not voluntarily pay their federal income taxes in 2007. The same is true for 37,752 active duty military and nearly 200,000 retired civilian and military personnel.

    Documents obtained by WTOP through the Freedom of Information Act show 449,531 federal employees and retirees did not pay their taxes for a total of $3,586,784,725 in taxes owed last year.

    Each year the IRS tracks the voluntary compliance rate of all federal workers and retirees. The percentage of employees and retirees who are delinquent has gone up and down over the past five years, but the amount unpaid has increased each year topping $3.5 billion for the first time in 2007.

    The agency with the most delinquent employees is the U.S. Postal Service. With more than 747,000 employees, the postal service is the largest employer in the federal government, but with a 4.16 percent delinquency rate, it is a full 1 percent above the average compliance rate this year.

    The IRS would not provide comparable data for the general population. But a spokesperson for the IRS did supply the delinquency rate for IRS employees — less than 1 percent. The IRS is the only federal agency where an employee can be fired for not paying his taxes.

    The Executive Office of the President, which includes the White House, has 58 employees who did not pay $319,978…

    In fact, 152,554 of the delinquent feds have entered into payment plans. Nevertheless, $2.7 billion remains uncollected.

    Other notable agencies with high delinquency rates include the Smithsonian Institution, where nearly 5.5 percent of the employees didn’t pay their taxes. On Capitol Hill, more than 1,000 workers are on the list. The Government Printing Office has the highest percentage of delinquent employees with 7.23 percent.

    Oddly enough, just a few days later we got these tidings, via the Sacramento Bee:

    Federal workers get pay raise

    September 29, 2008

    Civilian federal employees get a 3.9 percent pay raise for fiscal 2009, as noted in this weekend press release by the Federal Managers Association.

    The association notes that, " … according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there currently exists a 30 percent pay deficit for public-sector employees versus their private-sector counterparts. … Unfortunately, the public sector continues to lag behind the private sector in the area of compensation."

    So much for crime not paying.

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    If Tom "Dasch-hole" can get away with it, why not all the other liberals ?

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