Has anyone Adopted a Baby

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    I know of three young couples that could not have children and wanted to adopt. The hassel and red tap and cost were prohibitive. All three of these couples went to Russia and adopted children. One couple adopted several brothers and sisters just to keep them together.

    Why is it so hard to adopt children in a society that makes it legal to kill them. In this land of the free and the home of the brave why does it take years and tons of money to adopt.

    Would anyone care to share with us your experiences in adopting a baby? riceone.

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    In this land of the free and the home of the brave why does it take years and tons of money to adopt.


    That's what liberal jerkoffs do... they make everything harder and more expensive than it has to be. It used to be you could just adopt a child without any hassle, but then the liberal wankers started passing law after law making it ever more difficult for people to get "permission" to adopt. Nowadays, if you die and you don't have a will, your children won't automatically go to the nearest surviving relative. They may wind up in legal limbo and a state foster program. So when you write your will, make sure you state very clearly where you want your children to go.

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    Re: Has anyone Adopted a Baby


    Ignorance is a crime in 49 states. In the other one it is bliss.

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    I have a good friend who is a great person (even if she and her husband are both lawyers) who is adopting a child after a multi-year battle with the State. It took years, despite the fact they are well off and have Top Secret clearances (both work for the military).

    It is not an issue of liberals or conservatives. It is no good stinking bureaucrats that are making this so hard. It is because those bureaucrats are afraid:

    1. Of making a decision (like is required to allow a person to adopt a child).

    2. They will loose the incredible power they have to control the lives of others (like the child and the prospective parent).

    My father was raised by a surrogate mother (he was not adopted and not a foster child) who did the same for something like 40 other children over her long life. Because she never married, she wouldn?t even be considered today.