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About 2 weeks ago I saw that GREAT LAKES AMMUNITION had 40 S&W 180 gr. CMJ 1000 Rounds on sale for about $290 but today the price was $309

I saw that 500 rounds of the same ammo was only $145 so I bought 2 for a total of 1000 rounds in 2 lots of 500 for $290 plus about $40 shipping.

I got all the order conformation emails but when I went back tot he website I saw a phone number that I tried and it was discounted, I tried it 3 times to make sure I didn't dial wrong. it is no longer in service.

After just spending $340 I got a bit nervous, I emailed them and asked to have a human send me a email instead of the auto receipts.

has anyone dealt with this company and how did it go. I bought from them because someone on Youtube suggested them and said the ammo was very good.

Now I wonder... my order may come in and I will have no problem and if it does I will update this post, but the phone being "no longer in service" did make me wonder if I made a $340 mistake

Thanks in advance

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This is a google phone number. It is still good but they don't pick up. You are probably ok they are swamped with orders.

[email protected]
Great Lakes Ammunition
48155 West Road Ste 4
Wixom, MI 48393
Phone: 248-289-0452
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