Has anyone seen or heared of this bb gun????

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    Reply Has anyone seen or heared of this bb gun????
    I saw this imported bb gun at this site shop.store.yahoo.com/coll...bguns.html it says it goes over 900fps!! for that price, so have any of you guys used one of these?? do they shoot that fast ?? are they even powerful?? are they strong enough to take out pest in the house like mice and big rats??? and are they good quality?? thankx

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    Reply Re: Has anyone seen or heared of this bb gun????
    It looks like my chinese i77 pellet rifle only more expensive. I suspect it really shoots lead pellets rather than bb's.
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    this is not a b gun, but a cheap pellet rifle, yes it will shoot a 8-9 grain 17 cal pellet this fast, powerful not when compared to a 22 rifle, and accuracy will suck, no head shots on squirelsat 40 feet
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