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    I saw this on another forum and thought I'd pass it on to you guys so we can have a little fun with it. I just seen it so I haven't had the time to come up with one yet. I think this could go for both parties tho since there's some Reps out there that could use a good thrashing.

    New Game: Songs Named In Honor Of Democrats...

    SINCE WE LIKE TO have fun at the expense of the far left, we want to start a little game. Let's try to come up with some famous songs that were named after liberals. I'll start:

    Barack Obama: "Black Dog" (Led Zeppelin)
    Joe Biden: "You Talk Too Much" (Joe Jones)
    Hillary Clinton: "Maneater" (Hall & Oates)
    Bill Clinton: "Me So Horny" (2 Live Crew)
    Barney Frank: "My Boyfriend's Back" (The Angels)
    John Edwards: "Little Lies" (Fleetwood Mac)
    Nancy Pelosi: "Tears of a Clown" (Smokey Robinson)
    Rod Blagojevich: "Jailhouse Rock" (Elvis Presley)
    David Paterson: "Nowhere Man" (The Beatles)
    As you can see, these songs were very appropriately named. If you know of any others, please send them to us, and we will post them!

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