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    Just to start another thread here, how many of you like to throw 'hawks?

    Haven't practiced in awhile, the old Cottonwood block is rotting away, but for about 5 years my kids and I liked to throw all the time. (Until my son got decent and liked to have me throw first and then aimed for my handle!)

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    polishshooter - my ex husband used to throw two edged knives at a stump - usually when he'd had a drink or two but sometimes sober. The front porch we had was brick and it extended out a short ways. He and his best friend were throwing knives at a stump one day and the damn thing hit wrong - not only did it not stick it flew back and somehow around that brick wall onto my lap.

    By luck it landed flat and not blade wise or I'd have scars to prove it had happened.

    So no knife or hawk throwing for me.

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    PolishShooter, you up to a game of "Mummbly Peg"? lol

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    Reminds me of a college story.

    We were not allowed by Federal Law to have guns on campus in the late 70s, but of course all us "country boys" had a shotgun hidden in the closet or under the bed that we had to "sneak out" to go hunting.

    We came back from hunting one day and we were sitting around, (drinking of course, it WAS the 70s!) and I was sharpening my hunting knife.

    A buddy said something like "Polak, betcha $5 you can't stick it in the door from there" or something and I of course flung it. It hit butt first and broke through the veneer of the cheap hollow door and stuck there. I left it there for about a month or so.

    Not ONLY did they make him pay me the $5, without breaking the blade, but it got around fast that "Crazy Polak throws KNIVES at his DOOR!!!" (I only did it that once...)

    My roomie and I NEVER locked our door and we ALWAYS had guys just walk right in without knocking and we always yelled at them, but after that, NOBODY entered without knocking first!

    Strange but effective way to "teach" manners...

    And I still have and use that knife...

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    Never thrown a 'hawk, but have thrown my share of blades...


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    Chunked a pie server once...

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    Used to throw a lot in Memphis as we had the cottonwood target at the range. It was a big event at the state muzzle loading matches. Men threw 'hawks & women threw iron skillets at clay pidgons after the matches were over for the day. Playing cards were used as targets and points for cutting the card part way and for cutting it completely in two pieces x 3 throws =score "Split the handle" was also part of it when everyone was just practicing. Fun sport that does not require a bunch of high dollar "stuff" to be really competitive!

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    Yeah, we did the card thing with the kids, but we weren't all that good, you drew the card, and if you hit it you got it, most points "Rummy" scoring won.

    Of course, I had to hit the card, I gave it to the kids if they just stuck the hawk anywhere in the block.

    Made throwing knives for the kids, too. We sometimes just threw to stick, 5 pts for a Hawk, 10pts for a knife, play to 50 or 100.

    Pretty fun way to spend an afternoon.

    Just got rid of the big Cottonwood block, finally rotted away to nothing...now if another one of those other monsters on my property will go over too...and hopefully miss the house this time...

    Going through an old box and found all the spare handles just a few weeks ago, too.
    Patina is an acquired taste.

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    Mar 29, 2003
    we tried throwing "hawks" once but there beaks would not
    stick in the block


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    You have to throw them feet first. That curved beak is so the _won't_ stick. A well executed 'hawk throw will make 1 1/2 turns in the air, with tail fully spread and wings closed until the moment of impact. It takes time and patience to train a good throwing 'hawk.