heeeeeerrrrrrrr''sssss the iceman

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    Reply heeeeeerrrrrrrr''sssss the iceman
    well I picked the chief aj iceman up yesterday, to sight it in ,he dropped it and knocked off the scope {rich pr**k don't care}

    it was about a foot off to the right and down ,I finally got it on paper ,its a little herd to do when it wont touch the paper

    and due to slight wind ,and like lts said probably better ammo would help

    but anyway I got 1inch groups consistently with it ,I can see how I might get allot better with a nice day and better ammo

    here is a few pics I took with a crappie camera

    {bad pic}

    it has the chief emblem laser cut gold on it ,everything is nice ,boltstop,bolt,mag release,and trigger package ,the barrel is fluted with black on it ,composite stock 4x16x40 tasco {can you belive a tasco on a 1200.00 gun }but it is a really sweet looking gun

    I don't want to trade one of mine for it though ,he owns a electronics store and has some stereo equipment of mine in it for sale ,I might wait till he sells them and take the cash and let him buy one ,then trade ,but only if I can get the groups down to 1/4"

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    NICE! looks like a ten pounder...