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Hey everyone, first post here.

(I decided to put this short intro/follow up in this section as opposed to the one specifically for intros, because I have a follow-up rifle-related question.)

Hi! my name's Jeff, I'm 30 and unfortunately, I live in the People's Democratic Republic of New York. I'm working on moving down to the South one day, or as I call it, "America". I do quite enjoy firearms but to be completely honest they aren't my primary passion in life. In fact I never really owned a proper firearm until I was 24, not even a .22. So it would be fair to say I'm somewhat "new" to the world of firearms ownership.

Having said that I've owned the following firearms--
WASR 10/63
Ruger 10/22
Smith & Wesson M&P 15
Ruger Mini-14
Mosin 91/30
Remington 870
Mosin M38

Of all of them, the only one I haven't sold is the Mosin M38. I sold them before the SAFE act........sigh.

Ok that's enough on me.

Right! so onto the question....

I'm thinking in the next month or so i'm going to pick up another .22lr rifle. I've decided on the CZ 455 fs:

The only thing concerning me is on various forums there are some people claiming that this, the full Mannlicher stock version of the 455, is less accurate due to the stock. Then to make matters even more perplexing, others claim they are in fact more accurate than the standard stock 455's.

Can anyone try to clear this up for me? Thanks!
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Different folks will have different preferences when it comes to CZ rimfires. From what I have learned over the last 8-10 years from personal experience and reading different forums, regardless of which CZ rimfires you shoot , whether it be American, Varmint, Lux, Ultra Lux, Full stock, Trainer, or Scout, they all shoot very good. Once in a while you will run up on one that doesn't shoot good, but usually with a little massaging it can be made to shoot lot better
I don't have a FS but do have several others 452 and 455's and they all shoot good. My best ones are 452 American and a 455 Varmint. Some shoot better with the barrel floated, and some shoot better with the barrel fully bedded. The varmint I have shoots exceptionally good with the receiver and barrel bedded to the end of the stock.
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