Hello there. Ever hear of a "Luger" shotgun?

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    I'm new to this forum but post regularly at Parallax and TFL.

    I'm the proud owner of a Luger 12 gauge Semi auto shotgun. I bought it NIB just last week and got the chance to try her out today. It works and handles beautifully. It was really easy to point and, even though I've never shot clays before, I was hitting at around 50% by midday and better as the afternoon wore on. Ow! My shoulder is sore!

    Anyway, I was wondering if any of you had ever heard of this shotgun. It was made in Turkey by ATA for Luger, I guess. It was imported by Stoeger. I've linked a photo showing the receiver with the name. The fit and finish on this shotgun is excellent. I could not be happier and only paid $360 for it. BTW, it has all the chokes, tool, and has a chrome barrel, and accepts 2.75 and 3" shells. It also only weighs 6.5 pounds. The serial number is 003xx, too!

    Any and all info will be greatly apprecaited!!


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    Hey Cabinetman, I have never heard of the Luger, though many manufacturing companies have models that the public have little exposure to do to lack of advertising. I am real happy you got a quality shotgun at a reasonable price.

    Welcome to the forum, Stick around and become a regular here. Feel free to post anywhere and everywhere. We have got quite a bit of knowledge here(Or is it that we think we have a lot of knowledge here), I ccan't remember, but we could use all the new thinkers we can get.

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    Re: Hello there. Ever hear of a "Luger" shotgun?
    The Luger is a good shotgun, especially for the price. These mid-price semiautos are sure playing hell with the 11-87 sales...

    KBI/Charles Daly is importing a good semi-auto too, up to and including 3.5" Mags.

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    The Luger comes from the same factory as the Amrerican Arms shotguns (copy of 11/87 remington) good quality and pricing, we have sold them before and currently hunt one. Wish they made a twenty weight. By the way for those of you who know little of this Turkey group, this is the same place that made most of the Franchi....LAW12`s and SPAS12`s. It may say made in Turrkey and be cheaply priced, don`t let that fool you if you have not handled one or fired one. Regards LTS

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    Thanks, guys, for the replies. For the longest time I thought the Luger was a model made by Huglu, another Turkish shotgun maker. Actually I compared the Luger to the Traditions and the Huglu. The look identical side by side. I never though of AA as the maker. I'm mostly concerned about service but I've got a note send to Stoeger for some help there and hope they'll be able to point me in the right direction.

    I very much enjoyed myself today and will look forward to honing my shooting skills during the coming months for the Fall bird season.

    I've already added this forum to my list of daily checks so I hope I can be a good neighbor. I love the Parallax board as they cover what I specialize in but I like to keep my sites wide open and read through lots of different forums just for the information I can glean.


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    Hi Cabinetman......welcome to The Firearms Forum!

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    Hi cabinetman. I hope you enjoy your new Luger. Stop by and talk some more.
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