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Help ID Gold Inlaid Hammer 12

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Belgian NP Steel Barrels Proof Hammer 12 ga 65mm Chambers 3 digit SN typical pre ww1 Belgian proof stamps with dimensions choke etc
Double Purdey under-bites ...Greener cross bolt lever spindle.. DT
steel bbls..... Prince of Wales grip/splinter FA
Odd Art Noveaux pattern perimeter gold inlay on frame
Very fine 28 LPI (?) chequering
Anson type forearm release...plain horn buttplate.... 27 1/2" bbls ..extractors
The space on the rib for the maker's (or retailers) name is blank

Each barrel is stamped with a very large device (perhaps 3/4"x3/4") that I do not recognize and have not been able to ID: Crown with cross over spread eagle... swiss cross in shield over the eagles breast..... eagle clutching three interlocked rings similar to the Olympic (or Krupp?) emblems in talons

Its is certainly not a "best" gun but it is a higher grade gun perhaps on the par with a Fox A? Its in 90% +condition , on face and tight. The gold inlay pattern is reminiscent of the gold lightning bolt patterns on some French and American guns from that 1905-1914 era.
I'd be grateful for any insights or ideas as to where to look for info. I've exhausted all my reference books , old catalogs and internet searches.
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No help here on a maker. While many Liege companies produced complete guns, the majority of Belgian guns were the product of a "cottage industry" system where a number of companies/families contributed to the production of a gun, so there was no single "maker" to put his name on the final product. We tend to think of that system as producing inexpensive guns, but in fact many very high quality guns were turned out that way.

It might be custom made, but also could have been turned out for a prestiguous dealer to show what he could have made for the discerning buyer.

In the absence of any maker, retailer, customer name, or indication of ownership, it is simply a high quality gun, and most likely untraceable to anyone.

Im his son and was able to get a picture. Here's a picture showing what is described on the barrels

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