Help Identfy 22 Trainer

Discussion in '.22-Rimfire Forum' started by Smokin Guns, Mar 8, 2003.

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    Reply Help Identfy 22 Trainer
    I picked up a 22 single shot trainer today. It's the same length and weight, same general size as an M39 Finn. It have a "very" bull barrel with a non elevation adjustable rear sight, bu has windage. There is a button in front of the front blade that can be pushed and the blade will easily slide out for replacement with a taller / shorter blade. The receiver marking is a box that looks like the end of a house, flat on the botton, 2 vertical walls and a house top on the box.


    is stamped inside the box. On the aft receiver there is a stamping that has a vertical oval arrangment with leaves on the sides. There is an airplane propeller, a rifle and 2 arrows crossing at the pivot of the propeller.

    It's parkerized, and the outside of the trigger guard is checkered. The safety is exactly the same as a Mauser 98, and bolt handle bent.

    The guy I got it from said it was Romanian, but now that I look closer, I don't know, can you help?

    Thanks for thinking!

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    I believe it is what you were told. They command a much higher price than the five shot trainers and you see them from time to time from CIA and I would bet it is marked with their import stamp somewhere. The trainers (5 shot) use the same type of safety too. A picture of the receiver would help, but I`m willing to bet it is as you were told. LTS
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